Bring the Prodigal Cat, reward guaranteed

A one-year-old rare and very expensive cat is wanted in Barnaul Breeds – Bengal. Lucky (that’s the name of the fugitive) was seen in Outskirts of the city hunting birds and squirrels.

The hosts went on vacation to the warm seas, and the pet was instructed neighbor’s concerns. Lucky didn’t like it, he contrived and escaped to freedom. The family is looking for a loss and promises a considerable amount to the one who returns the prodigal cat.

Bengal cat

This is the last home photo of Lucky

Only an ignorant person can take a noble Bengal for commonplace minke whale. The uniqueness of the breed in hybridization wild and domestic animals – used for breeding forest Bengal cats, on the one hand, and on the other, Egyptian Mau and other tabby-colored breeds. Hybrids of the first are especially appreciated generation F1, which includes the missing Lucky. Average the cost of such a kitten is 150 thousand rubles.

Bengal cat in nature

Wild blood makes itself felt – bengals can do great hunt

Active searches continue, but so far only managed to find out: a similar animal was seen on the Zmeinogorsk tract – obviously the cat arranged hunting grounds there. The problem is that a stranger is unlikely to catch a bengal: this breed no one but the owners is given into the hands.

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