Brave: the grandmother from Khabarovsk scared away the bear

In the Khabarovsk Territory, a pensioner escaped from a bear thanks to courage and patience. She stood in a quagmire for a day, scaring away predator.

On August 5, an 83-year-old woman went to the forest for mushrooms. Found her only on the night of the 7th. Grandma spent almost all this time in a quagmire, waist-deep in water. Apparently, the bear drove her there. By According to rescuers who discovered a pensioner, the beast walked nearby, a maximum of 20 meters. Help the woman to scare away the bear resourcefulness and patience – she constantly growled so that the predator would not dared to come up. Although experts believe that the animal is simply not dared to climb into the quagmire. By the way, environmentalists do not even recommend when the attack of the beast imitate a bear’s roar or shrill shrill – in their opinion, it’s enough to speak loudly with him.

Brown bear

Although unprovoked bear attacks on humans are rare, the female a predator can attack, protecting cubs, and a male – defending something what he considers his prey

The bear left when the search engine car arrived, and grandmother safely got out of the swamp. The bold resident of Khabarovsk is not suffered, but experienced a strong nervous shock and broke her voice. Until she talks and falls asleep after the experience.

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