Bowls for cats: How to choose dishes for cat’s table

Bowls for cats

In the inventory of each catman should be a bowl for cats, but not one.

What they are, why their different types are needed, and why it is important to use specific types of bowls in individual cases?

Every cat owner should know this!

Each loving owner primarily cares about health and the comfort of your pet. And here every little thing is important.

But is the choice of utensils a trifle? And can the wrong capacity for food and water affect the well-being of the pet?

Bowls for cats

A pet must have at least two plates


  • 1 Cat bowl as a unique type of utensil
  • 2 How does a cat breed affect choices?
  • 3 What are the materials, what are their differences?
    • 3.1 Metal
    • 3.2 Ceramic (porcelain and glass)
    • 3.3 Plastic
  • 4 Double and triple bowls
  • 5 Automatic bowls
  • 6 Bowls on a stand

Cat bowl as a unique type of utensil

First, let’s figure out what it is.

Bowl – individual capacity for each pet for water and food.

There should be two such cat plates for a pet: one for food, another for water.

Ideally, you can also purchase a third – for wet or liquid feed.

Cat dishes must always be clean.

What you need to know about the bowls of each owner?

Firstly, they should be set apart on such distance so that the feed from one does not fall into the one where the water is.

Speaking of water. It should always be fresh.

Secondly, the plate with liquids should be bigger and always filled with.

Thirdly, dishes for cats should never slide on the floor.

This can prevent the suction cups at the bottom of the tank, floor mats bowls or special coasters.

Important! If you noticed that your the pet is reluctant to drink water from a bowl or even just does not touch to it, acquire a deeper capacity. Low plates can associate a cat with a pool of stagnant water and cause disgust.

When choosing a bowl in the store, it is important to pay attention on the quality of the goods.

The capacity should be smooth inside, convenient and practical.

The cat plate should not have cracks, chips, large scratches, bumps, because all this can be harmful to health favorite.

After all, if this is a major Maine Coon, savannah, ragdoll or serval – a small bowl will not fit him manchkina.

Bowls for cats

It is important to choose the depth and dimensions of the dishes individually for your pet’s breed

How does a cat breed affect choices?

Does what breed the pet belongs to choose dishes? Yes!

And all this is due to the diversity of the faces of cats.

For example, the darlings of the British or Persian or exotic breeds have flattened wears and small “retracted” jaw.

Can such cats reach the bottom of a deep bowl? Of course not!

Consider the long-haired beauty of the Norwegian forest a cat.

Fluffy fur of such a cat will often get dirty if the animal forced to eat from a shallow dish.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a bowl for breed features pet.

Important! Canned and other soft food is best served in containers with low sides, and dry food and liquids – with high.

They decided everything with depth, but what to do with the dimensions?

Surely for every pet owner there will be the news is that for large pets (for example, the same caracals) it is more practical to use large dishes sizes.

And for small cats such as bobtail medium-sized bowl.

Bowls for cats

Nowadays, shops are full of a variety of bowls, pick up each manages to his taste

What are the materials, what are their differences?

Like human plates, cat bowls are made from different materials.

There are three of them: metal, ceramic and plastic. With what do they differ and what are their pros and cons? Consider this below.


Durable, a cat is unlikely to damage them.

Convenient, practical, they will definitely last a long time.

Bowls made of this material are easy to clean.

The main advantage is that such dishes for the cat are heavy, which means that it will be difficult for the pet to turn it over.

Metal Pet Food Tank Easy mounted on a stand.

Bowls for cats

Metal bowls will last a long time

However, if the cat’s plate is enameled, you must watch for the formation of chips, cracks.

If a piece of it gets into the animal’s food, it can damage to a pet, cause injuries.

It should be remembered that such a bowl should never be placed in a microwave.

The main disadvantage is that the metal food container makes a noise.

This can frighten the pet, as well as inconvenience if the cat will eat at a time when everyone is sleeping.

Ceramic (they include porcelain and glass)

Probably, ceramic plates for the pet will be perfect option.

From the advantages, many important qualities can be distinguished.

This cookware is made from materials that provide the product has a long service life.

Ceramic containers for food and water perfectly preserve food.

They are easy to clean; sticky leftovers will not be a problem for the hosts.

Dishes for cats from this material are capable of long keep the temperature, which means the pet’s food will not be fast cool down.

Ceramic bowls do not contain harmful substances, which means for cats will be completely safe.

Bowls for cats

Ceramic dishes for cats do not contain harmful substances

However, even with such a beautiful, it would seem, products can be cons.

Firstly, ceramic bowls are expensive. And yet the price is not so big that it could be abandoned.

Secondly, if this capacity falls from a height, then it will split.

But even if this does not happen, probably on a plate cracks, chips, bumps are formed.

And this is very dangerous for the health of the pet!

And thirdly, the ceramic bowl cannot be installed on tripod.


The most common bowls you can see are plastic.

They have both a number of advantages and many negative ones. qualities.

It’s worth starting with the fact that containers for food and water made of plastic are the cheapest, that’s why pet owners often without hesitation choose this option.

Such material is plastic, so there are a great many various shapes, sizes and colors of bowls.

Easy to clean plastic plates, which is also huge plus for many hosts.

They are shockproof and will not make noise.

Some plastic bowls can be placed in the microwave oven.

Everything seems to be fine, right? But not so simple.

Bowls for cats

Plastic food containers are the most common On the market

Important! First thing when choosing plastic bowls pay attention to its composition. Product must be made from environmental materials and should not contain harmful impurities.

Plastic bowls, in addition to numerous advantages, have many cons.

For example, products of bright colors and with a clear smell of plastic release substances hazardous to the pet.

Therefore, when choosing a plate for a cat, you should pay attention to this Attention.

In addition, plastic containers for food and water absorb odors that can be very difficult to remove.

Plastic cat bowls are not suitable for long use: when washed over time, it forms on the walls plaque.

This is due to the combination of plastic with feed, which poses a health hazard to the pet.

Poor quality material can cause allergies in cats.

In addition, plastic bowls accumulate statistical stress, and this is especially unpleasant for animals with a long with hair.

Such dishes are unable to keep food warm for a long time.

In addition, a plastic bowl slides across the floor.

Bowls for cats

Double bowls must be chosen carefully, otherwise the purchase may bring a lot of worries

Double and triple bowls

Now in stores there are a huge number of very different bowls for animals.

Surely the owners noticed such an interesting thing as a double or even triple dishes. Is it convenient?

In fact, such a thing as a triple bowl, too made of different materials.

It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and clearance.

But no matter how beautiful she is, however comfortable she may seem, this capacity also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Convenient for both owners and pets themselves will be only double / triple bowls that can easily be separated from common coasters.

Thus, it is possible to separately wash each container, as well as clean one of the plates if the contents of the bowls are mixed.

Unfortunately, this is where its advantages end.

Such dishes often allow food and water to mix, and if plates from a common stand are not removed at all.

Then you have to wash the entire tank, even if there are contaminants only in one place, which is very inconvenient.

Bowls for cats

Automatic feeders will save owners from some trouble

Automatic bowls

The need to leave somewhere for a long time appears often in most people.

But what if there is no one to look after the pet?

The question is that the animal will have to starve.

Many owners leave immediately a large amount of food and water.

But what if the pet suddenly eats everything at a time?

After all, this can seriously harm his health!

Consider this situation. The cat is used to eating rub four or four times a day in small portions, and the owner is almost all his time is wasted at work.

Who will feed the pet?

If one of these cases is familiar to you, then think about purchasing an automatic bowl.

The automatic feeder is equipped with a dispenser, a timer, multiple compartments and often runs on batteries, external batteries, and from the outlet.

You can see on the shelves of stores and those that own the function voice message.

The disadvantages of such a feeder can be attributed only to its price.

However, the market offers us electric bowls of various costs. depending on the feature set.

Bowls for cats

Lack of stand may cause inconvenience to use. a bowl

Bowls on a stand

Imagine for a few moments what you have to eat from plates, which is located directly on the floor. Conveniently? No. And what will the pet say so?

A cat dish stand is very important.

First of all, your pet is so much easier and more convenient to eat.

Secondly, the lack of a stand can lead to curvature spine, joint diseases, limb deformity.

On the shelves you can find such bowls that sold immediately with the stand.

But if you have already purchased containers for food, then do not worry, because tripods can be purchased separately.

Important! Many owners are wondering the question is why the cat is burying a bowl of water or food. Causes the following:

  • Famine in the past

If the animal previously lived on the street and experienced hunger, it may hide food “for a rainy day.”

  • I liked the food

Thus, the pet hides a tasty piece for the future.

  • I didn’t like the food

If the food or bowl is not pleasant, the pet thus shows your dislike.

  • Instincts

Yes Yes! Indeed, in ancient times, wild animals are just like that arrived with excess food.

Bowls for cats

The cat must have its own special bowls

So why should a pet eat from its dishes, and not from an old unnecessary plate?

First, take care of your pet’s health!

Secondly, it’s important to choose a bowl for a cat based on its size, pedigree features of the animal.

A truly loving host will do everything necessary to the cat was happy, right?

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In the inventory of each catman should be a bowl for cats, but not one. What they are, why they need different types, and why Is it important to use specific types of bowls in individual cases? it every cat owner should know!

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