Bottlenose dolphins adopt a stranger for the first time cub

It became known about the first case of adoption by a dolphin baby another kind. This happened in French Polynesia.

Unique observations began back in 2014, but about the results It became known only now. Researchers noticed that the female bottlenose dolphins cares not only about their cub, but also about wide-mouthed a dolphin who turned out to be an orphan in a year and a half. Pamela Karzon, the head of the study, notes that the phenomenon is extremely rare, because usually dolphins only care about their children.

Wide-headed dolphin

Muzzle dolphins are also called beakless.

Scientists have been monitoring animals for several years. It turned out that with time, the young, wide-mouthed dolphin began to compete with the combined brother, winning the attention of the mother. In addition, reception behavior more and more resembles that of bottlenose dolphins.


Sexual maturity in bottlenose dolphins occurs in 5-6 years

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