Bohemian Ksyusha: the mascot of artists and artists

The cat Ksyusha lives in Mordovia, in the art gallery of Saransk. Difficult to believe that this peachy beauty, imposing and affectionate, fate initially evolved in an unenviable way.

The previous owners decided to immediately minimize the problems associated with with an animal in the apartment. A young cat was sterilized, she the claws were removed, and then she was completely put out of the house.

Cruel cat claw removal is akin to amputation the first phalanges of fingers in humans. After such an “improvement” the animal cannot fully move and protect itself – Once on the street, it dies pretty soon.

In the gallery on Sovetskaya 29 Ksenia was in a terrible state: the veterinarian even insisted on the removal of a festering eye. But good people went out unhappy cat, she became favorite and mascot of the whole bohemian party of Saransk. Ksyusha is necessarily present at all vernissages in the exhibition hall and attends premieres at the National Theater, located at next door.

Cat Ksyusha

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