Bird twitter soothes protein: results the experiment

The twittering of birds helps squirrels evaluate safety. TO This conclusion was made by American scientists as a result of research.

Biologists watched eastern gray squirrels in Ohio, USA. During the experiment, the researchers turned on the scream. hawks. He is a natural enemy of squirrels and small birds. After that, either a record of the songbird twitter was played, or environmental sounds without bird voices.

eastern gray squirrel

Eastern gray, or Caroline, squirrel lives in the eastern United States and southeast Canada, brought to the UK and Ireland, west North America and South Africa

It turned out that the squirrels who heard the scream of a hawk felt danger. They froze or ran away. And those of them that subsequently heard bird singing, relaxed faster and started normal activity. So the animals, listening to the birds, use their negotiations to assess the security of the situation – twitter says that birds do not see a threat and that squirrels fear there is nothing.

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