Banters – the perfect diet for cats and dogs from Veterinary experts every day

Athena specialists have been studying the finished market for more than 15 years food for cats and dogs, not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

Today we will talk about a new brand of ready-made food for dogs and cats – Banters, which is produced in Spain at the factory Visan These are classic diets reinforced by quality. ingredients and capabilities of modern production.


  • 1 Banters Dry Dog Food
  • 2 Banters Dry Cat Food
  • 3 How to produce Banters
  • 4 What are Banters made of?
  • 5 They are a part of life for us, and we are a whole life for them …

Dry food Banters for dogs

For dogs, Visan specialists have developed a line of feeds. Banters, including ten recipes: three for puppies and seven for adults. Dry food Banters for dogs

Rations take into account the characteristics of age and size, as well as the special needs of overweight dogs and digestion problems:

  • additional EPA and DHA for brain development growing puppies
  • chondroprotectors for normal growth and joint support on throughout life
  • L – Carnitine for weight control and muscle support
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for a healthy and radiant wool
  • attractive taste due to fresh meat in the composition

Banters Dry Cat Food

Having received the most positive feedback from owners on dog food Banters, the manufacturer decided to expand the range by special line for cats. Banters Dry Cat Food

There are currently only two products in the cat line: Adult Turkey and Sterilized with Fish. Both are suitable for cats with sensitive digestion and have a high palatability attractiveness even for picky.

In the near future, three more types are planned for production. feed, including for kittens.

Get acquainted with the composition and purchase dog food and cats Banters you can on the official website of the company Athena.

How to produce Banters

All Banters feeds are produced in Spain at the Visan plant. it family company founded in 1928. Ready meals for Visan has been producing cats and dogs since 1993. The factory is equipped with the most modern equipment in Europe, using twin screw an extruder that allows the production of granules not only from dehydrated but also from fresh meat to improve the taste without the use of artificial additives. Visan factory

Banters Manufacturing Standards:

  • European quality and safety standards
  • technology for the direct addition of fresh meat to pellets
  • all ingredients that are used in the enterprise, categories “Human Grade”
  • GMO free, colorants, flavor enhancers and preservatives

What are Banters made of?

feed ingredients

Banters recipes are 100% natural, compiled by veterinarians experts and combine all the necessary elements of good ration:

  • meat – ingredient No. 1, the main source of protein
  • prebiotics FOS and MOS to maintain beneficial microflora and natural immunity
  • natural fiber for easier digestion
  • salmon oil and chicken fat as sources essential for predators of fatty acids
  • natural vitamin and mineral complex
  • yucca and other functional ingredients to optimize digestion and metabolism

They are a part of life for us, and we are a whole life for them …

Good nutrition is the foundation for a long and healthy of life. Choose the best products for your favorites to make their life is full of joy and positive emotions. Correct Banters will help you prolong your active diet longevity and great well-being of the beloved dog. food packages

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