Automatic cat toilet: Convenience pet without the hassle of the owner

Automatic toilet for cats

Perhaps every catman will be interested in an automatic toilet for cats.

If only because organizing cleanliness and freshness in a place where favorite is doing his job is not easy.

Especially if there are several pets.

Let’s take a closer look at this interesting invention, and understand how much it needs the four-legged handsome.


  • 1 Automatic cat toilet: what is it?
  • 2 Features of the invention
  • 3 Materials of manufacture
  • 4 Types and manufacturers
  • 5 disadvantages
  • 6 Owner Reviews

Automatic cat toilet: what is it?

The cat eats a little, but often.

By the way, to make it convenient for her to eat, check out different bowls and pick the perfect one for pet.

She also has to go to the toilet often.

To eliminate the need to constantly clean and monitor purity, invented a special device that solves the problem automatically.

This is what it is.

Automatic toilet for cats

The moment of using an automatic toilet

Externally, the automatic toilet for cats looks elegant and quite reminds human.

The principle of operation is the same. The cat does its thing in a bulking.

The owner’s task is reduced to a simple action: either click a special button and wash off the waste, or program the time, through which the procedure will execute itself.

Actually, this is the difference between similar products.

Some are based on the same mechanical flushing as human, others are self-cleaning toilets for cats.

Which option is more convenient and efficient – decide, of course, only to you, as well as what to fill the latrine with furry pet.

Automatic cat toilet

Automatic cat toilet can look creative

The advantages of an automatic cat toilet are quite a lot of:

  1. You don’t have to rake yourself, scrape off clumped lumps filler, as well as wash contaminated tray;
  2. The Miracle Toilet looks fresh and tidy, doesn’t come from it bad smell, therefore, the cat goes there more willingly, “misses” happen less frequently;
  3. Some models allow you to fully automate cleaning, it will be possible to leave the cat for a long time alone (with necessary), without fear that he will spoil the entire tray and will walk past him;
  4. Some models come with their own filling granules, allowing you to save on filler, whose price is quite high;
  5. It is hygienic, especially indispensable in those houses where there are little children.

In general, the benefits are enough to buy miracle invention.

Moreover, it is relatively inexpensive (especially if take into account how much time and money saves): from 10-15 to 25 thousand rubles.

Decent price that you can give for comfort. But let’s order.

Features of the invention

There is a comic opinion that an automatic toilet for cats came up with lazy hosts.

They allegedly did not want to delve into several times a day tray, removing pet waste products.

In fact, everything is more prosaic.

Automatic toilet for cats

Some models of automatic toilets look like cozy houses

The gadget appeared not so long ago.

The most famous brands

  • Kopfgescheit;
  • Сatgenie;
  • Simply Clean;
  • Cat Litter Box.

Products have become widespread recently. but many owners can say: it’s not suitable for everyone. Why, we will tell a little lower.

By the way, if your kitten makes friends with automation succeed, we recommend reading how to teach him to traditional tray.

Automatic toilet for cats

Alternative – regular cat tray

Back to the modern gadget. Originally a cat car toilet was based on the usual principle: the animal did its job, the owner came, pressed the pedal – and everything coming from the water pipe washed away.

Such species exist now. However, progress has gone further automating the process as much as possible.

Thanks to the built-in touch sensor, smart technology knows when the cat is in the tray.

After a certain time after the pet left him, flush works.

A time period (usually 20 seconds) is needed in order not to scare the cat with unexpected water and noise.

Materials of manufacture

Most often, products are made from porcelain, or familiar to everyone sanitary ware. The price is appropriate for them.

However, all costs are offset by the fact that self-cleaning the toilet is also hygienically clean.

In its manufacture, material was used that is ideally suitable for this kind of devices.

Automatic toilet for cats

Porcelain – the main material for the production of toilets for cats

More budget option – plastic. It also cleans well.

The material resembles that of which street dry closets.

Models can produce in different colors, which will help choose a closet that suits the interior.

Types and manufacturers

Feline toilets come in three forms.

They are fundamentally different from each other, although they have a common function – self-draining excrement, without direct human participation:

  1. A device similar to a human one, but filled with special granules. For example, catgenie products which can be on the website of the manufacturer or authorized dealers. AT such a toilet does not need to pour in the usual filler. It is filled special granules, through which liquid excrement flows into drain. The solid ones are collected with a special rotating scoop. Master can set a convenient cleaning time: the tank itself will be washed, the granules will be cleaned and dried. This type of feline self-cleaning The toilet requires a connection to the sewer and electricity. it You can do it yourself or call plumbing. Fit almost all cat breeds: from the most miniature like manchkin and Kuril bobtail, and to giant beauties like Maine Coon, savannah and serval. Equipped with sensor.

Automatic toilet for cats

Catgenie automatic cat toilet with special pellet filler

  1. A device similar to a human without granules. Nothing different from the ones people use, except that there you must add the preferred filler. It’s possible without him, but many cats refuse to go to the tank in which you can not dig. This also includes sensory toilets, no filler required. They work like this: a cat comes in, does his affairs, leaves. The sensor reads the presence. When the cat leaves tank, smart technology counts down the set time and then produces a drain. There are several disadvantages: the animal may be afraid of water, some cats ignore the latrine due to lack of filler, connection to the sewerage, light, water supply (this can be done with your own hands). Most famous manufacturer – Kopfgescheit.

Automatic toilet for cats

In the photo: Kopfgescheit automatic cat toilet

  1. Self-cleaning tray. Operating principle: looks, like a familiar tray, but somewhat complicated. When the animal goes into it, a special device will collect and send excrement in the lower tank, and the worker will again become clean. For such toilets, it is necessary to purchase special bags for excrement. Once a week they will have to be cleaned, every day – clean the tray by pulling the special lever. One of the famous brands producing similar products – Hagen smart sift . At manufacturer there is another “highlight”: the toilet is produced in a cozy house that fits absolutely all breeds, even big ragdolls. Has a significant minus: from the smell will not go anywhere until you change the bag with waste.

Automatic toilet for cats

In the photo: the use of feline automatic toilet of the brand Hagen smart sift

Automatic toilet for cats – a great purchase, greatly simplifying the content of the pet.

But, in addition to a rather high price, it has a number of disadvantages, about which below.


Cat toilets are comfortable, hygienic, connected to do-it-yourself sewers. But they have a number of significant cons:

  • They require additional costs for light and water, and self-cleaning trays – most.
  • Cats don’t always like because of the noise pouring water, periodically rotating surfaces of some models.
  • Those in which there is no filler to dig, can be ignored by the pet;
  • When turning off the lights or turning off the water supply, automatic toilets lose the main plus – stop clean the tanks yourself;
  • Some models cannot neutralize odors, although and remove the animal’s vital products from sight.

Automatic toilet for cats

Waste bags

Whether to buy such a miracle of technology is up to you.

Many manufacturers take the product back if it is for any reason the four-legged fussy was not suitable.

Owner reviews

If you analyze the reviews of the owners of the device, then they, in mostly positive.

The owners note that cats willingly go to designated containers, even quickly get used to the drain, stop being scared.

Since the tank is almost always clean, the animal does not Squeals and does not walk past.

Particular preference is given to the Cat Genie brand, which best in a branded online store.

But some reviews are negative.

Among the minuses, the need to do a separate discharge (you also have to install a new pipe in the riser).

In addition, the cat can scatter the filler system clogs and stops working properly.

In any case, buy an automatic toilet for cats or No, in what form to stop the choice – your decision.

The main thing is that both the pet and the owner should be comfortable, and living together was more fun than worries!

Automatic Cat Toilet: Pet Friendly No Hassle the owner

An automatic toilet for cats is convenient for the cat and the owner. Problems none: a special system handles everything. Worth telling more about the useful gadget and how to use it, as well pros and cons of the invention.

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