Attention! The radioactive wolf!

According to the portal “Science Alert”, from the Chernobyl zone Alienation the wolf escaped. Young male gray soon settled at a distance of almost 400 kilometers from his “radioactive” the den.

The male young gray wolf left the den in the exclusion zone in area of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. According to scientists, this is the first case, when the animals that gave birth and raised in the ChEZ could have come so far run away from your “home”.

Gray Wolf from Chernobyl

The male ran 370 km from his den, now scientists will be closely monitor the “radioactive” animals of Chernobyl

Find a mutated fugitive helped a special collar with navigation. Scientists put such devices on 14 animals for tracking their movement. As a result, one of the devices runaway wolf. The male wandered through arable land and dense forests on territory of Ukraine. Except him, not a single animal left the area alienation.

Now scientists do not have accurate data on how much has changed genome of animals living in the Chernobyl region. But just in case after the wolf incident, environmentalists will be more closely monitored finding animals in the ChEZ.

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