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Christine Turner from Great Britain has been breeding donkeys for many years and zebras at his farm in South Barrow. For a long time woman tried to make a zebra with a donkey to get a rare hybrid zone.

All attempts by Christine were unsuccessful. When a woman tried bring a six-year-old zebra named Ziggy with a young donkey Rag, I realized that this union will bear fruit. So it happened – a zebra could get pregnant.

Zebra Mom with her Cub Zippy

Zebra mom with her cub Zippy

The farmer was so worried about Ziggy’s pregnancy that she decided not to show her to the vet. And already closer to the birth, Christine did not reduce eye with a pregnant. A woman constantly visited Ziggy in a stable, checking her condition. And so, one morning a woman saw next to a zebra mom of a small cub whose ears and body were like donkey, and legs – striped like a zebra.


Donkey Rag

The baby was born on October 2. Farmer called him Zippy.

Christine Turner at his ranch caring for Zippy

Christine Turner takes care of Zippy at his ranch

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