Arctic fox, three hundred hedgehogs and other goods

In the state of Michigan (USA), a vigilant citizen signaled in police: a whole mall is for sale in a small shopping center home zoo. Having left on a place, militiamen were extremely are surprised.

The police really found a menagerie, the inhabitants which were sold at a reasonable price: only hedgehogs “in assortment “there were three hundred pieces! And in addition, a five-meter a boa constrictor and a peacock, a pair of kangaroos and six rabbits, an arctic fox and three iguanas. Animals were kept in terrible conditions: they were seated in some basins and drawers – in cramped and unsanitary conditions. Not in each of these tanks even had water.

Inhabitants of the rescued zoo

Trade in live goods, especially such exotic ones, especially Without appropriate paperwork, Michigan is prohibited. But in this case, the trader will have to answer for the ill-treatment animals. He was already found and detained. Hedgehogs and others prisoners of the shopping center were released from captivity and transferred zoodefenders.

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