Animals will be cremated

According to the IrkutskMedia portal, this year in Usolye-Sibirsky plan to build a crematorium for animals. On the implementation of the project, the administration of the city of Usolye identified city ​​budget a million rubles.

Changes in the city budget expenditures discussed at City Duma meeting on June 28, and then decided to implement this project. We are talking about pets (including livestock), as well as homeless cats and dogs that died due to traffic accidents or cruel treatment of animals by people (although what kind of people are they after that?)

City officials explained the decision to organize a crematorium for dead animals by the fact that now all the dead pets buried in a common cattle burial ground. It is already crowded. It may subsequently negatively affect the environmental situation in city ​​and region. For the sake of sanitation and comfort townspeople pets will be cremated.

The administration of Usolye-Sibirsky has already reported that the other day A tender will be announced on public procurement to find a contractor. how only the contractor will be found, they will conclude with the company relevant contract, after which construction will begin crematorium. The facility is located near the city cemetery.

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