Animals for children

Most children, if asked, will have a strong desire have a pet, and many parents see this advantages when a favorite pet appears in a child’s life. Pets can teach children responsibility and can help them become more caring. Pets can also help throughout the family to become more active – they bring a lot of love and care in home life in general. But there are reasons to be careful too. Pets require a lot of time and devotion – as well as can be quite expensive to maintain. Other than that, even if the animal will “belong” to your child, you don’t care will be responsible for the pet. It is also important to remember that having any animal, certain legal responsibilities for his proper care.

Animals for children

Before you begin to consider pets, you must discuss to what extent the pet will “belong” to your to kid. Depending on the age of the children, they may take responsibility for the pet to a greater or lesser extent. For example, a small child may be able to feed an animal on your own, but you will need help with classes with him and cleaning its habitat. An older child, however, could take assume the full responsibility for caring for a pet. You you need to develop your own framework – what happens if Will the child lose interest in his new pet? Such issues should be carefully thought out and discussed, before you decide to bring the animal to your home.

If you decide to move on, then you must decide what type animal will suit you. Read on for three popular types. pets – and decide which one will be suitable for you, and for your family.


Rabbits are by nature social animals, and thus may be a good choice as the first pet for your baby. If from an early age to handle rabbit affectionately and carefully, then he will learn to relate to people very friendly – again, this is another reason why rabbits become good pets for children. However, they require a lot of attention, especially at a young age. If rabbits don’t get enough human attention in their early life, then they may experience stress from any care in further. Therefore, it is advisable to acquire a rabbit in a very young age, or at least make sure you know him well previous owner.

Veterinarians suggest rabbits prefer to live in other rabbit companies, so if funds allow you it is desirable that the rabbits have a pair. It makes them great. a choice for, for example, brothers or sisters who want to share taking care of a pair of rabbits among themselves. Rabbits also need devote time and space to regular exercise – your the child should be able to take care of daily care with your rabbit.

The periods of activity that are natural for a rabbit are early morning and evening. This is good for the child’s schoolwork – if your the child goes to school, then he will be able to contact the pet in his natural “active” time.


I wonder how many of us know a child who would give everything for the sake of a puppy? Of course, this is very characteristic of all children – and for boys, and for girls, ask a dog without real understanding of how much time, effort and attention it will require. Especially this concerns breeds of large dogs that may require walks up to 3 km per day, which are likely to be just too much great for the child, especially during his school week. A dog, therefore, is more likely to be a pet. for the whole family, rather than exclusively for the child.

Dogs, again, are extremely social animals, which makes them suitable pets for those who have enough a lot of free time. However, they require much more learning and training than many other pets, therefore, for those of us who don’t have valuable dog training experience, they can require expensive lessons at the appropriate school. Veterinary bills for large pets can also be big enough – so the dog could potentially be much more expensive than other pets you can choose your child.

However, there are many benefits to having dog as the first pet for your child. Your a child will be able to enjoy building a long-term relationship with your dog, and the average life expectancy in dogs is 8-12 years old. Dog will teach your child valuable lessons responsibility, and will also be a good motivating factor to stay active. Dogs are very smart creatures – your baby she will also be able to teach her various tricks with interest, and in this he will receive real lessons of perseverance and devotion case.


Cats are very popular pets, at least one every third family in Russia keeps a cat. Cats often regarded as independent animals, and therefore they less demanding than their canine companions. As they say, the dog has a master, and the cat has a servant. Cats require less exercise and therefore less time than dogs – in this regard, a cat may be a good choice first pet for your baby.

If you are thinking of getting a cat, then you need to consider health your entire family and close friends. Many people suffer from allergies. on animal hair, and cats are the most frequent culprits of this. You are don’t want to meet sneezing relatives? Besides, cat litter can also be serious health hazard for vulnerable children and adults, including pregnant women. This is due to the toxoplasmosis virus, which caused by a parasite living in the cat’s body, and which can also be in the tray.

Cats are smart and curious creatures, which makes them very interesting pets for your child. As is the case with a dog, your child will be able to enjoy teaching your pet various new tricks, however, most likely, he will continue the usual monotonous care of him. Cat provides its owners with love and companionship – and most breeds are small enough to be able to sit on the owner’s lap – that both children and adults and the elderly appreciated and loved!

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