Angelina Jolie made a new friend

Famous film actress Angelina Jolie presented her daughter Vivien with eleven years of charming white and gray rabbit.

Paparazzi who constantly watch the star and track all her routes, noted that 44-year-old Jolie visited with daughter in several pet stores, but every time they returned with empty handed. Soon it became clear what mother and daughter were looking for: they several times went into one store and finally appeared with purchase – Vivien carried a fluffy rabbit wrapped in soft plaid.

Angelina Jolie with her daughter Vivien

Vivien, touchingly pressing his gift to his chest, carefully brought the rabbit to the car

This will be far from the first pet in the family. Angelina Jolie is famous for her love for shocking, children and cute pets – each of her six children has them. Itself in different years, the actress took care of the English bulldog, gerbils, goldfish and even a lizard with a snake.

It is not known what gift for this birthday Knox received – twin vivienne. It is possible that this was also a lively surprise, because brother and sister should not quarrel over gifts.

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