An angry elephant attacked a safari car with tourists in india

There is a huge elephant near the Corbett Tiger Reserve in India. ran into a group with tourists in a car. About it informed the Hindustan Times news agency.

Tourists sitting in the car immediately noticed approaching him an animal and managed to jump out of the car. When the elephant ran to already empty jeep, he pushed it several times with his trunk, and then he turned it upside down.

The reserve worker later explained that for no reason elephants will not attack. If this animal attacks, then it could catch by surprise or he wanted to get rid of external irritants.

“Last year they robbed a truck of flour, which also drove along this route. ”

The caretaker of the Corbett Nature Reserve, India

As a result of the incident, none of the tourists were injured. how it turned out the Ramnagar area has recently become a point clashes of wild elephants and humans. Forest giants inflicted more than once damage to sown areas of local residents. And in some cases, even searched cars and trucks for food.

Complaints about elephants from rural people.

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