American wanted to jump into the mouth voluntarily to the crocodile

Unusual at Crocodile Farm in Florida visitor.

The incident occurred on November 5th. CCTV camera in the zoo crocodile photographed a young guy who made his way through barbed wire fencing in underpants and a shirt.

On this day, “Crocodile Farm” was closed to visitors, but, as it turned out, not for everyone. Once inside, the young man at first simply decided to take a walk in the park. But later he came up with the idea Swim in the pool with three huge crocodiles. For of this, he climbed onto the roof of one of the buildings and jumped from there right into reservoir to toothy reptiles.

One of the reptiles is such a bold trick of a man at all. liked it, and, having swum up to him, she grabbed his leg. Somehow miraculously, the guy managed to escape, but traces of sharp teeth still remained.

His adventures do not end there. He decides to walk along two-meter wall, under which there was a whole cluster alligators. He succeeds, and later he disappears from sight and hiding.

A local resident called the city police with a statement about a strange a man who is hiding in the bushes near the farm. To place the police arrived and identified the offender. It turned out to be A 21 year old young man named brandon hatfield who claimed that he was hiding from the attacking alligator.

Young man charged with illegal entry private territory and disturbance of public order.

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