American pensioner and his dogs miraculously saved in the desert

A dramatic story with a happy ending occurred in the county Lake Oregon (USA). 73-year-old pensioner Gregory Randolph decided to go with his two dogs to extreme travel by car.

It was a very hot day, an old jeep stuck in the sand the deserted desert tightly, cellular communication does not work here. The traveler decided to get out of the trap on his own – only much later, he finds out that to the nearest settlement I would have to go 64 kilometers.

One of his dogs, Buddy, escaped on the first day of the journey, and baby Shih Tzu wandered the desert for three more days with his master didn’t fall dead. They would have died, but at that very moment it happened miracle.

Collage: two dogs in the desert

Thomas Kinones – Experienced Riding an Electric Bike – Experienced a tourist who accidentally brought to these lands. He managed provide first aid to exhausted travelers and quickly led help. Near the abandoned jeep there was a second dog – Buddy too was in very poor condition. But all three survived, they are unlikely to just dare to take such a risky tour.

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