American laying hens can ruin their owners

Unprecedented overproduction observed in US market chicken eggs. Prices for this hot commodity fell to critical level.

For inexplicable reasons, laying hens began to show increased activity in a usual occupation. Cal-Maine Foods Company, which is the largest american manufacturers in this sphere, complains that it is forced to trade at a loss.

Losses in the past amounted to almost $ 20 million per last fiscal year, which ends by July – during this period in the southeastern United States, prices fell 52 percent. For small farms this could turn into a disaster.

Eggs on the conveyor

This is the rare case when high performance chickens not happy businessmen at all

Given the high probability of future crop failure and growth cost of feed, manufacturers seriously fear for their prospects. A business that has recently been reputed enough profitable, will have to adjust their realities, for example, reduce the number of chicken that has reached a record high of 341.5 million. Well, or somehow to persuade chickens to rush less.

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