American kindness tamed wild animal

However, it all happened only because Martha, an elderly Kansas resident had poor eyesight and for this reason mistook the animal that came to her for an ordinary stray cat from the wild forest.

Since Martha was widowed, she lived alone, busy relatives visited her infrequently. Unspent kindness the woman sent to care for stray animals: fed them and equipped sleeping places on the porch of her house.

The pensioner especially got attached to one fluffy cat, took she gave her a funny name – Tete. The animal was affectionate, grateful and unobtrusive, but the idyll did not last long. once grandmother was seen by his grandson Eric and was horrified to recognize him as a “kitty” wild possum.

Grandmother lamented for her inconspicuity, but to part with Tete refused categorically: not a cat, well, okay – let it live in the house.

Opossum on a couch

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