Almost mystical story that happened to a redhead hamster

Once upon a time there was a funny red hamster in a girl named Kat – business occurred in England. Once very much began to happen to him strange things, and only the dentist was able to solve this riddle.

The hamster had two main passions: hearty meal, and then go on the run. After another search for the fugitive, they found only in a day – under the refrigerator and in a strange state reverie. The rodent placed in a cage fell “face” to a lattice and froze, categorically refusing food and drink.

Whatever his little upset mistress does, the hamster did not leave its place. So three days passed, by after which the family went along with pet to the veterinarian.

Funny hamster

All hamsters are cunning and entertainers

The fact is that rodent teeth tend to grow on throughout their life – they are not erased if the animal does not eat enough solid food. Here in this strange case, desperate the owners suggested that the hamster’s teeth have grown so much that there are he became uncomfortable.

In preparation to file the rodent’s teeth, the veterinarian examined the cavity found his mouth and cheek … souvenir magnet. The household hamster picked it up on the floor under the refrigerator and as usual, put it on the cheek. The souvenir tightly magnetized its owner to the metal bars of the cell and made it impossible to get to the cherished feeder. Good appetite returned instantly as soon as they removed the hamster from the mouth unfortunate magnet.

Video: these amazing hamsters

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