Almo Nature Cat Food: Features and Reviews food for animals

Almo Nature for cats

Today, there are many types of feed, one of the most popular is Almo Naturefor cats.


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Feed Overview

Almo Nature is the first company to use in manufacturing exclusively natural ingredients.

As a result, the product is nutritious and beneficial for animal, now you do not need to choose food for cats.

All Almo Nature Cat Food features of the body of the animal.

Its composition is adapted for normal hair growth and full development of pet bones.

Almo Nature for cats

Dry food and canned foods are completely balanced

Almo Nature products are presented in two forms – dry feed and canned food.

You can combine, but it’s better to accustom your pet to one type of feeding.

All Almo Nature cat foods go through before sale Strict, multi-stage quality control.

Due to this, risks are minimized.

Canned food for cats Almo Nature are minimally processing, they are created according to the newest technology.

Such feeds, both dry and wet, are triple check:

  1. Verification of the composition – the starting ingredients for the preparation cat food.
  2. Validation of processing – it should not be too intense, but also too weak, as excessive processing will lead to the loss of nutrients, while a weak one will not allow for a long time store product for cats Almo Nature.
  3. Checking the final product for safety and nutrition properties for the animal.

Almo Nature for cats

The line of the manufacturer Almo Nature number of tastes

Almo Nature Cat Food holistic – that is, both dry food and canned food represent a completely balanced product for normal vital activity of an animal.

In fact, no ancillary products are required – it’s enough to buy one package of any feed, and the animal is provided all necessary.

But the manufacturers of this Italian product offer own method – make a diet for cats 60% of the wet feed, and 40% of the dry.

As a result, the company’s employees developed the ideal the composition of each type of feed, which is able to complement another view.

This concept of feeding allows you to add to the diet of a cat the required amount of water and reduce the burden on the kidneys, which when taking dry food increases greatly.

Now you will need to contact your veterinarian less often.

Almo Nature for cats

Daily use of canned food will normalize important processes in the animal body

However, the reviews of the veterinarians are mixed.

In their opinion, the animal’s body is individual and such a diet not every cat will benefit, for some it is vice versa will do harm.

Although, according to owners, for castrated cats, the ration fits.

Advice! Before resorting to this way of feeding, check the condition of the gastrointestinal tract of a cat. Such a diet should be started gradually, so that the animal’s body got used to the changes.


Almo Nature for cats

For adult cats there are several series of products

The assortment of the company is very large, in it you can find dry, wet food, as well as a variety of treats for cats.

All products are divided into 4 main categories, which differ in composition, purpose and slightly cost.

You can buy it both in online stores and in retail points of sale, like any other feed.

  1. Rouge Label is a good diet from Almo Nature for your cat. There is dry food and canned food. Dry food packaging for this series – 400 gram. A feature of this product is that this korne causes allergies. Only one source included protein and one source of fat, for example, canned only from chicken or turkeys. Feed manufacturer Almo Nature uses only natural meat, there are no offal and even bone flour. Sources of carbohydrates are brown rice and potatoes. A hydrolyzed source has also been added to rule out allergies. squirrel.

Almo Nature for cats

Food category Rouge Label

  1. The second series of products of the Italian company Almo Nature- Orange Label This series is cheaper, it’s easier to buy. Dry food, according to reviews owners of animals, not good enough, but canned food – a few better. It is not too nutritious, therefore suitable for neutered cats. Cat food in this series cannot be attributed to the holistic class, it’s more like a premium product. Composed of in addition to meat, the percentage of which is lower than in the previous version, there is also offal, bone meal.

Almo Nature for cats

Category Orange Label

  1. The third series is Almo Nature Green Label. This series is considered the best, the composition is characterized by a high content of natural meat and a complete lack of artificial additives. Protein source can serve beef, turkey, chicken, fish – tuna or salmon, and also a rabbit. The source of carbohydrates is rice and potatoes. In the series Almo Nature Green Label is only canned and spider. Raw meat packaged in spiders, after which the product is processed. Then eat, all the nutrients from the meat remain in the broth. The broth is very fragrant and delicious, so cats will definitely be use it. Therefore, your pet will receive the necessary amount of water. Such food is suitable for any castrated breeds. and uncastrated cats that consume little fluid.

Almo Nature for cats

Green label feed

  1. The Azul Label line is inferior to the previous type of feed in quality. Almo Nature’s dry cat food contains bone meal, offal and large quantities of fish, which can lead to diseases. Also, the composition of the product contains yeast – they cats are often allergic. Besides rice, to meat here vegetables are added.

Almo Nature for cats

Azul Label Series Feed

Advice! The cost of feed in different the lines are almost the same, but the best options, according to reviews veterinarians and cat owners, is Almo Nature Green label therefore preference should be given to him.

Almo Nature for cats

Almo Nature – balanced daily nutrition

The most common products of the manufacturer are canned food series Legend, Classic and Jelly.

The composition here is natural, the feed contains 50-70% of the natural animal protein.

No dyes or preservatives, which is great advantage.

As for dry food, the situation here is more complicated, because, despite the name “holistic”, Almo Nature dry food can categorize as super-premium, as well as Hilss or Leonardo feed.

In the packaging of dry food 400 grams, in which prevails beef, rabbit or tuna, meat contains only 15%.

Everything else – animal fats and yeast, as well as bone meal and offal.

But, in the composition of dry food there is a balanced complex vitamins and minerals.

Almo Nature for cats

Wet feed contains only natural meat

Advantages and disadvantages

Almo Nature cat food, which you can buy in official manufacturer’s stores, has many advantages:

  • A huge range of products. To make it easier to navigate, convenient and clear marking is provided. Cat owners are offered the widest selection of dry and wet feed in canned food.
  • Lack of chemicals and dyes – completely natural structure. This is confirmed by reviews of veterinarians.
  • Special manufacturing technologies – the company exposes products the smallest possible processing, uses gentle methods of their preparations to preserve nutrients.
  • Almo Nature is suitable for all cat breeds, even hypoallergenic.
  • Dry food is fortified.

There are certain disadvantages.

Among them, we can distinguish that in the assortment the Italian producer does not have ideal dry feed with a large the amount of meat in the composition.

Also a small disadvantage of the product is the fact that You can find the composition only on the packaging.

See the exact amount of ingredients in a feed bag 400 grams on sites on the Internet is completely impossible.


Almo Nature cat food is universal, it will suit for all breeds, including exotic peterbolds and Don sphinxes, giant Maine Coons and the smallest breeds cats.

Canned food and “drying” can be fed oriental, british, Burmese, Scottish cats.

This food is intended for adult pets ranging from 8-9 months. For kittens, a baby is better Whiskas.

How to determine the age of a kitten can be found in articlehttps: //

Almo Nature for cats

This food is suitable for both long-haired and shorthair breeds

Italian food is suitable for castrated cats, but this product in its dry form contains a large amount carbohydrates.

Therefore, if your pet is prone to weight gain, dry food should be limited in consumption, focusing on wet canned food high in protein.

A universal option for any cat, including a prone to allergies and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, will become a series Rouge Label, which is designed specifically for cats in need special care.


Most of the reviews on the Internet are positive.

Such Italian food catters any breed, especially if you prefer Rouge Label products or Green Label.

Veterinar reviews also confirm high quality products, according to their observations, after the introduction of such feed into the diet, The condition of the cat’s kidneys and stomach improves.

Elena, Ryazan: “I have been feeding a cat since the year exclusively Green Label Almo Nature – everything is fine, no no health problems. Periodically shown to the vet, all body systems work perfectly. Cat loves food very much, so definitely recommend! ”

Marina, Vladivostok: “Our Rozzie is delighted with canned food with chicken flavor, but she doesn’t like fish. Constantly we buy chicken, with rice and vegetables – everything is fine, the wool is not falls out, there is no allergy, the stomach is working fine. Not the first year we buy canned Classic and spiders of the same series. ”


Almo Nature for cats

Wet food can make up your diet pet

We can say that wet food Almo Nature is really is a representative of the holistic category.

Among other manufacturers, Almo Nature is one of the best.

As for the dry option, here it is better to choose others options if you have such an opportunity.

Almo Nature Cat Food: Features and Nutrition Reviews for animals

Almo Nature Cat Food Provides Your Pet vitamins and minerals. This is a satisfying, natural product for cats and cats of any breed and age.

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