Akana dog food: reviews and detailed composition holistic class nutritional mixtures

Akana dog food reviews

Canadian manufacturer introduces Akana brand – feed for dogs, reviews of veterinarians and owners of which indicate his quality and balance.

Fresh ingredients are taken for its manufacture.

This holistic class mix is ​​expensive, but it provides the dog with all the necessary substances.

Akana dog food reviews

Wide range of feeds available


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

Akan feed has been produced since 1975, the composition has been developed since participation of professional veterinarians.

It belongs to the super-premium class, and more precisely, stands out in a separate line of holistic (like Grandorf).

Only natural components are used in the production, including including meat, fish, chicken, eggs, fruits and berries.

Separate mixes for large, miniature breeds, as well as dogs of different ages.

The lineup contains hypoallergenic food (symptoms and causes allergies in dogs may vary).

To bring the animal’s nutrition to its diet in natural On Wednesday, herbal supplements are added to Akan’s dog food.

In the compositions of different mixtures you can see alfalfa, peppermint, lavender, chicory root and other plants and their parts.

Akana dog food reviews

Vegetables should be present in the dog’s diet, including carrot

Important! According to the analysis of the composition of feed Akan for dogs, the meat content is in the range of 60-80%.

Developed Akana dog food based on the WholePrey principle. is he Designed for different breeds.

The composition of the product includes, along with meat, cartilage and insides, but in natural proportion.

According to veterinarians, thanks to a balanced composition, the dog will receive all the necessary nutrients without connection to the diet of special additives.

Thus, optimal care will be provided, but also need will take care of pet grooming, haircut and the washing up.

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Akana dog food reviews

Mix specially for puppies of miniature dogs


Consider the nutritional composition for dogs Akana can be an example hypoallergenic food with lamb and apples for animals of all breeds and ages.


  • dehydrated lamb meat;
  • boneless meat;
  • lamb’s liver;
  • mutton fat;
  • mutton scar;
  • lamb kidneys;
  • lentils
  • apples
  • peas;
  • seaweed;
  • green beans;
  • canola oil;
  • carrot;
  • pumpkin;
  • chicory root;
  • peppermint;
  • lemon balm.

Lamb meat is a key source of protein in this diet.

Due to the content of apples, pumpkins and carrots, the mixture is rich trace elements and vitamins.

Herbal collection stimulates digestion.

Akana dog food reviews

Food packaging with lamb and apple

Akan dog food with lamb and apple is not included potatoes, cereals and tapioca.

These foods are sources of fast carbohydrates.

Advantages and disadvantages

A lot of positive things can be heard about Akan food for dogs reviews of veterinarians and owners.

To decide whether to purchase this food for your pet, It is worth considering its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of feed include:

  • the use of natural high-quality ingredients;
  • sufficient content of vitamins and minerals quantity;
  • predominantly protein components;
  • low carbohydrate content
  • a wide variety of mixes for dogs of different breeds and ages;
  • compliance with quality standards is guaranteed;
  • availability – can be purchased at most stores pet products or order online.

Akana dog food reviews

Nutrition must be selected according to breed and size. dogs

The disadvantages of this line are much less. Worth mentioning:

  • fairly high price;
  • if the pet has a malfunction in the liver, kidneys or gall bladder, feed must be given strictly in the recommended amount, due to the high protein content.


Under the Akana brand, a wide range of feeds for animals of different breeds and ages.

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The composition includes various fruits and vegetables, for example apples, pears, kale, pumpkin, carrots.

Also in the diets are selected herbs, in particular lemon balm, alfalfa, chicory root, marshmallow root, mustard leaves.

The producer adds berries – blueberries and cranberries, fruits rose hips.

  1. Сухой корм Acana Lamb&Okanagan Apple с ягненком и яблоком.Designed for dogs of any breed and age, suitable for sensitive digestion. Hypoallergenic food contains only one kind of meat. Lamb is a source of protein, while fruits and vegetables in the composition provide the body with vitamins and natural fiber. The composition includes 22% dehydrated lamb meat, 15% boneless meat, tripe, lamb liver, seaweed, peas, fruits, vegetables, herbs.

Akana dog food reviews

The ratio of ingredients in feed Akana with lamb

  1. Acana Adult Small dry food for adult dogs of small breeds like a Russian toy terrier, a papillon, pit-brabancon and German spitz. Structure matched to the high motor activity of miniature pets. Akan food for small breeds is small the size of the pillows, so kids will be comfortable eating them. Balanced composition compensates for energy costs, but not contributes to the appearance of excess weight. Among the ingredients: dehydrated chicken meat, boneless meat, chicken fat, butter herring, flounder, chicken liver, pea fiber, egg, fruit, vegetables, berries, herbs.

Akana dog food reviews

Diet for small breeds

  1. Acana Adult Large Breed dry food for adult dogs large breeds (e.g. tosa inu, Newfoundland, Great Dane), weight from 25 kg. 60 percent mixtures are meat components. To strengthen the skeleton and Healthy dogs need a lot of protein for large dogs. AT as a source of vitamins and fiber added fruits, berries and herbs. They stimulate metabolic processes. The feed does not contain potatoes, cereals and other ingredients that promote fast weight gain. The following are some components of the mixture: meat dehydrated chicken 12%, boneless meat 13%, turkey meat, chicken liver, chicken fat, flounder, herring oil, egg, cartilage, lentils, pea fiber, herbs, berries, fruits and vegetables.

Akana dog food reviews

Diet for large breeds

  1. Acana Puppy Small Breed dry food for puppies of dogs of small and indoor breeds (e.g. dwarf and rabbit dachshunds, Yorkshire terriers, yaver beaver), adult weight up to 9 kg. Designed to meet the special needs of a growing organism. Puppy it’s important to consume enough protein and animal fats, therefore the volume of meat components increased to 70%. The remaining 30% are on fruits and vegetables that are a source of vitamins and minerals. The following components are included: dehydrated meat chicken, boneless chicken meat, turkey, chicken fat, chicken liver, egg, red lentils, flounder, herring, herring oil, berries, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Akana dog food reviews

Diet for puppies of small breeds

  1. Dry food Acana Senior Dog for dogs older than 7 years. Diet tailored to the needs of older animals: they need a mixture with lower carbohydrate levels that cause the appearance of excess weight and the development of diabetes. Therefore protein the ingredients here are 65%, the remaining 35% are fruits and vegetables. The composition is completely missing cereals and potatoes, which contain fast carbohydrates. Main Ingredients: Dehydrated chicken meat 15%, boneless chicken 16%, turkey, chicken liver and cartilage, herring, green beans, brown seaweed, berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs.

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Akana dog food reviews

Diet for older dogs


Below you can read the owner reviews about Akan’s feed:

Elena, Yekaterinburg: “When in our house a puppy appeared, the question arose: to feed with food from our table or to purchase feed. On the advice of a veterinarian, they chose the latter. But because that the puppy was often treated with food from the table by guests and relatives, he refused dry food. Pick one that he like, it was not easy. In the end, we decided to offer a mixture Akana Our bulldog really liked, over time, they noticed that the coat got better, he even gained a little weight. Although the feed quite expensive, settled on it, and moreover, a large package more economical. ”

Olga, Perm: “Although they always tried to feed high-quality feed, she began to show problems with the stomach. They tried to go to Akana. Already several months feed her, the situation got better. ”

Tatyana, Ryazan: “I bought for my two dogs different types of feed Akana. Now we are eating a mixture of lamb and apple. After a chicken diet, this one is eaten with great success, therefore you have to control the portion size. ”


Akana dog food reviews

Akana feed line

Akana dog food is made from natural meat, in particularly chicken, turkey, lamb.

The composition includes fish, fruits and vegetables.

These diets also contain herbal preparations, therefore the animal’s body receives all the necessary vitamins and fiber.

According to reviews of veterinarians, Akan does not require nutrition the use of mineral and vitamin supplements.

It includes natural meat and cartilage in a natural proportion.

A wide range of feeds allows you to find the most suitable and healthy diet for a particular animal.

Akana Dog Food: Reviews and Detailed Nutrition mixtures of holistic class

Akana – dog food, which reviews are important to consider before acquisition. The manufacturer presents food for animals different sizes and ages according to their needs. The feed contains more than half of meat ingredients, as well as fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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