Adoptive mom teaches puppy to climb trees and feeds with grapes

Residents of one of the Indian cities have witnessed an unusual phenomena: a street monkey took custody of a puppy and educates him like your own cub.

The two found each other when they were orphaned. Puppy for some the reason was left without a mother, and the monkey – without a child. In this moment a macaque caught the eye of an unhappy hungry baby, and her maternal heart could not stand it.

Monkey and puppy on a tree

Now they are inseparable: the new “mother” protects the puppy from stray dogs and picks him a flea, jumps along with him through the trees and trying to treat useful grapes. Locals began to feed this strange couple – the monkey is always at first pushes a puppy to a bowl and only when he is full does he eat itself.

The monkey feeds the puppy

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