Abandoned people pit bull takes care of 90-year-old old woman

A beautiful tiger dog was not even eight months old, when the owners drove her out into the street, they were afraid not to cope with fighting breed. Pit bull nailed to a car wash, where he got a new name – Sweetie, and soon – and new, loving hosts.

Affectionate and sweet Candy is very suitable for her name, so Katie does not began to change him when she took the abandoned dog to her home. Two with more than a year they lived in love and harmony, then moved to Katie’s old mom. Pitbullich has taken over many worries for A 90-year-old woman who, due to illness, has become difficult to walk.

Sweetie with his ward

The dog is around the clock, everywhere accompanies an old woman, warms her legs with a warm body. Sweetie can sympathize and be grateful – she managed to a lot to suffer for my life.

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