A young lion climbed a tree, and the road back forgot

The network got a video about a cowardly young lion who climbed on a tall tree, but forgot how to get off it. The video published BBC on its YouTube channel.

A case with a cowardly big cat occurred in the reserve Masai Mara (Kenya).

How and for what reason did the lion come up with the idea of ​​climbing lonely standing tree, left overs. And the video itself shows that the lion sits on its very top. When it’s time to jump from there, his knees were shaking.

Moreover, the plaintive cry of a predator, which even afraid to look down. A little later, three lionesses from pride and, apparently, invited him to take a walk. But the cunning male most likely, in his feline language, told them that he would not mind yet watch all down.

And only when the ladies left, the young lion makes a jump and It appears on the long-awaited earth.

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