A smart bear stole a bird feeder: video

In the US state of Colorado, a bear dragged a bird feeder. About this July 28 edition of The Mashable reported.

The bear’s bad deed was recorded in the video. This beast denies the myth of clumsy bears: he skillfully climbs on the birch trunk on the roof of the barn and cleverly pulls out from under its roof feeding trough, which takes to the forest. The owners of the site where it happened incident, specially hung it higher and in addition attached bell. They hoped that so the feeder could not Take advantage of no creature except the bird. But the tricks are not helped.

Why the clubfoot needed a bird feeder is unknown. Can perhaps he wanted to decorate his den or turned out to be a kleptomaniac. Interestingly, this is not the first case of theft by bears. So on a bear stole a dumpster in Colorado last week.

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