A seventh grader sold his pig to help sick children

Seventh grader from Ohio (USA) Diesel Pipper has an unusual talent – a boy from the age of nine in his spare time from school successfully trades at auction with live goods. He helps farmer parents sell pets.

Diesel recently read that his peer is from a neighboring county managed to sell a pig at auction for 11 thousand dollars and handed over these money for children with cancer. The boy got the idea to catch up and overtake a teenager, parents warmly supported their son.

Bidding for a thoroughbred pig started with just five hundred dollars, but Diesel skillfully raised rates and as a result sold his grunting “lot” for 15 thousand dollars. All means young philanthropist transferred to a hospital in Memphis (Tennessee) for children with cancer.


His mother Erin Sanders is proud of his son’s deed, one of these days the family plans to go to her sponsored to take toys to them and Other gifts.

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