A resident of the United States dressed up the squirrel for Halloween

Sean Chen is a professional comic book artist. He did illustrations for Iron Man, Batman, Wolverine.

In anticipation of the festival of evil, death and monsters – Halloween – Sean decided to make costumes for his children.

This year a talented artist made costumes for them. characters from popular Japanese comics that formed the basis anime “My Hero Academy”.

Characters for Halloween from the Japanese comic book Boku no Hero Academia (animated series PJ Masks)

Source: @seanchenart

Sean did not forget about the squirrel, which often comes to him in guests through the window. A man prepared a mask for a sneaky beast from the scream movie “Scream.” He placed it on the street and began to shoot. After a moment, Sean’s street pet runs up to the mask. Climbing in it, in search of a hidden treat, the protein at the same time tried on mask of the main character from a horror movie.

Squirrel trying on a mask from a horror movie

Source: @seanchenart

After Sean posted the video on his Instagram account, his users could not restrain their enthusiasm from the original artist’s ideas. Many admired and wrote that nothing have not seen anything like it before. The news was even interested in the video. online agencies.

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