A pensioner will be sent to prison for feeding cats

The court ordered the 79-year-old resident of the town of Garfield Heights (state Ohio, USA) On August 11, come with things to a local prison. Here pensioner will have to serve a ten-day sentence – the term she got for feeding stray cats.

Nancy Segula has been feeding tailed people for several years street children, and they regularly come to dinner at her house. It began with the fact that two cats were in the care of a woman, which the left neighbor threw. It looks like the other neighbors of Mrs. Segul cats do not like: they regularly complain about her in law enforcement agencies.

American has been fined four times for caring for the homeless cats, but since she did not take the path of correction, they decided to give she has a real prison term, but not too long yet.

Nancy Segula

Nancy Segula considers court verdict unfair

Fact that under Ohio law feed stray animals are prohibited. However, the convict herself and her relatives are convinced that the punishment does not match “crime”.

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