A large calf was allocated to large newcomers in return stolen by tigers

A large family recently resettled in the village of Muchen, which in Khabarovsk Territory, gave a young bull named Lily of the Valley. Behind a month before this event, the previous pet of the family went to graze in the forest did not return – it became the prey of tigers.

The locals are used to the neighborhood of tigers and bears, therefore protect their cattle from them. And the Tolstoy family just recently moved to the taiga village and did not yet realize the danger that hides the forest. New settlers immediately bought a goby and calmly sent him for self-grazing. In mid-May, the animal wandered into the thicket, where met with tigers.

Hunters established in the wake that the goby became light prey of a tigress, who taught her tiger cubs to hunt. Fat understand that they lost the pet through their own fault, and resentment at animals do not hide. They are very grateful to the Amursky Center staff. tiger and local insurance company which collectively compensated for the loss and gave them Lily of the valley.

Goby Lily of the Valley

The owners of Lily of the valley will take into account their mistakes and will take care of their new pet

The leadership of Mukhen refused to help new residents of the village. Vladimir Belousov, the head of the village, said: the owners should themselves monitor their property, but lamented that the Red Book Amur tigers in their area are better protected than humans.

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