A horse who wanted to be a hare

The morning over Leninsky Prospekt Petersburg was overcast. The townspeople patiently waited at the bus stop for a trolley bus, and not far, the bay horse grazed merrily with a tail – she definitely had good mood.

At that moment, a trolley bus pulled up to a stop; sleepy passengers. The filly came up to the noise – with great interest looked into the opened door. It seemed like she was almost I was going to go with everyone, but then I remembered that she didn’t money for travel, and decided to stay.

Grazing horse

As it turned out, located near the scene a horse farm, and with it, as locals say, there is a stable where they contain “commercial” horses for riding. They often run into the “AWOL”, take a walk on the loose. Our bay beauty, apparently, just from this company.

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