A herd died on a wolf night on an Estonian farm sheep

In the full moon, the wolves went hunting. They have grown wolf cubs, and the flock led the young to practical training – to learn how to cut cattle.

The Estonian island of Hiiumaa is densely covered with forest. Here from time immemorial In the neighborhood, wolves live in more often, and people live in a farm in Jieranna. Locals Virko Martin and Liana Vaino lost in one night a herd of domestic animals: wolves have bitten 24 sheep.


This happened before, at about the same time: four years back a gray gang lifted 45 sheep. And unlimited robbers are clearly for training purposes: they are not hungry, do not eat slaughtered cattle – they just throw them at the crime scene. Liana Vaino showed on social networks a picture of dead sheep in a bucket tractor.

dead sheep

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