A girl from St. Petersburg made a buffet of worms and larvae of beetles

A resident of St. Petersburg has established its own production worms and beetles. She specifically breeds these insects to make various dishes and treats for friends from them. About unusual the ecofarm was informed by the MIR 24 Internet agency.

Alina Gabrielova – that’s the name of the girl inventor from Petersburg.

From grown worms and locusts, Alina prepares delicious dishes: salads, pasta, pizza and even desserts. As the girl herself explains, so eating is much more profitable than buying meat in a store. She has there is always enough protein in the diet. She talks about your hobby as if it were dill or basil grown on windowsill.

Alina has many supporters, mostly those who advocate conservation of ecology, since insect breeding is not needed processing plants and pastures. And some of them put forward the idea of ​​serving exotic dishes in restaurants and cafes.

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