A giant bull lives on an Australian farm

The nicknamed Nickers, thanks to its impressive size, escaped the slaughterhouse and will now spend the rest of his life among his stunted brothers.

The giant bull hails from Western Australia. Current owner animal Jeff Pearson explained that he bought in his 20 thousandth herd a bull leader, and he was flailing to catastrophic proportions. Man he couldn’t sell Nikers, and now he lives on a farm, towering among other cows. Nikers turned out to be “too heavy,” and they refused to take him to meat processing.


Source: Life.ru

The bull reaches a height of 1.93 meters, and its weight is almost 1.5 tons. Locals call Nikersa Gulliver, who ended up on a farm of dwarf cows. Despite his height, horned Kindred love and respect their big friend.

It turns out that this is not the largest bull in the world. Nikers has a serious competitor from Italy. His height is 10 centimeters more indicators of a bull from Australia.

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