A dying man was found near Irkutsk a lion

In the village of Smolenshchina, volunteers rescued a lonely lion left to die a negligent master.

Interested residents of the village called the K-9 nursery and reported about an exhausted lion who had been sitting without water for several days and food. They were frightened by the groaning sounds of a big cat, which is plaintively asked to eat.

Police officers and representatives of the district came to the call administration. Having issued all the necessary documents, they allowed pick up the exhausted animal to the shelter workers.

Simba in the shelter K-9

Source: https://life.ru

According to veterinarians, a ten-month-old lion really was severely exhausted, on the head were abrasions and bruises. Animal suffered from rickets. At the moment, the predatory beast is in a warm nursery, he was prescribed treatment and selected enhanced nutrition. Behind doctors and volunteers look after the young lion around the clock, and they will soon install a camera right in his aviary. It was decided to give lion cub nickname Simba.

Learning about an animal in distress, trainer Artur Baghdasarov volunteered to help Simba. He is thinking of taking the lion to his circus, having arranged for him at least some future. But he cares about the question the content and nutrition of the big cat, since Simba per day should eat at least 7 kilograms of pure meat. And these are significant costs that Arthur is not yet ready to take on. But render he promised promise and assistance.

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