A dog with a difficult fate lives in hairdresser

Korean hairdressers have long paid attention to homeless white dog hiding from people on the roof of a neighboring one-story house. The dog looked very sad and was not given to anyone in hand.

In the afternoon, the dog hid in the attic, and went down the street only along at night – he clearly avoided communicating with people. One of the girls was able find out that this dog was born on a farm where they grow live goods for restaurants: in the culinary traditions of Korea, best friends a person may well become food for him. When the puppy has grown up, he somehow managed to escape from this terrible place.

The dog was called Gom, they began to feed and tame. Very soon, Gom learned to trust people. Now This is an affectionate and happy pet; he lives at the hairdresser, and customers adore him.

Korean dog

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