A cat with a surprise: in the evening it was in carrying one cat, and in the morning there were six

In West Virginia (USA), once a homeless animal shelter in the evening they brought a fluffy tricolor cat from the street. She acted very calm, and therefore the volunteers, leaving her water and feed, decided that they would be engaged in pussy in the morning.

To the great surprise of the shelter staff, in the morning in the carry Five newborn kittens were discovered: no one noticed that the cat was deeply pregnant.

Tulip and her kittens
Tulip and her kittens
Tulip and her kittens

Tulip – so called this beauty – proved like a great caring mom. The kids grew well fed healthy and well-mannered. For four of them have already been found “adoptive parents”, it remains to attach another baby, and there already it will be possible to look for new owners for the three-color mother. She necessarily bring someone happiness.

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