A cat or cat crap in the wrong place: methods addiction weaning

A sweet, obedient, well-bred creature suddenly becomes uncontrollable. Jumps on the TV and sits down on the newspaper with program, stubbornly ignores the tray, replacing it with the host slippers and flower pots. What is it? Disobedience festival or a silent call to the owner asking for help? Revengeful protest or natural instincts? Just deciphering the motives behavior, you can understand how to wean a cat to crap in the wrong location.


  • 1 Cat shits in the wrong place: 5 reasons for this conduct
  • 2 How to wean and what to do?
    • 2.1 If you do not like the tray
    • 2.2 If the problem is in health
    • 2.3 If the cat marks
    • 2.4 If the cat takes revenge
    • 2.5 Psychological moments
  • 3 Exchange of experience: owner reviews

The cat crap in the wrong place: 5 reasons for this behavior

Often to the question “Why is an adult cat or cat accepted to shit anywhere? “, you can hear the answer from the owner:” From harmfulness. Spite. “And it will be a wrong conclusion, although not devoid of logic. It’s hard to regard stinky piles on a stack differently. freshly washed laundry or regular “surprises” on the couch. And all the animal has very specific reasons to behave similarly, inadequate in the view of the owner, in a way.

The cat is crap in the wrong place

The cat may not like the tray

  • Tray. If the pet is in the tray, sniffs, and then gets out and does things right there, next to or by the little one goes to the tray, and the big one goes to the floor, or finds something else, a more secluded place for your “treasure” – under the bed, for wardrobe, then this is a very specific promise for the owner to take a closer look tray. With a high probability, with a cat toilet something is not So.

The tray became small and cramped. Tray for kitten and for an adult cat – two completely different subjects. Grown animal discomfort in a tight toilet, stop going into it and will find a lot of more convenient places to meet his needs.

Note: the normal tray size is one and a half cats in length. The animal must be completely obsessed in it and still have room for maneuver.

Too low sides. Adult animal need a tray with high sides. Low sides are only suitable for kittens.

how to wean a cat to spoil

An adult animal needs a tray with high sides

Unsuitable filler. A look at the filler The toilet of the pet and the owner may also be different. What good in terms of price and quality from a human point of view, is not such for the cat. He can smell something unpleasant in the filler. Can not appreciate its texture, increased “lumpiness”. Some cats do not tolerate clay filler, others are not happy with mineral. Some rage on particles stuck in paw pads, and go only to the net. Someone can’t stand trays with net, but respects the newspaper. Everything is very individual and is a matter of taste.

Note: breeders are advised not to get involved in experiments with fillers, for cats are great conservatives.

Dirty or overly clean tray. If the owner didn’t wash the tray in time, then blame the clean-cat who refused to to fulfill his need, big or small, is not fair. As they say, he is to blame.

The reverse side of the coin is a tray that smells of detergents and disinfectants. Excessive efforts of the owners keep the cat toilet sterile do not find approval from pets. The sharp smell of bleach from the tray can completely discourage animal to use it.

Note: a complete replacement of the filler in the tray is 1-2 once a month. Not more often! At the same time, the tray is washed and is dried up. Do not use “reactive” agents with a sharp smell. For example, a toilet cleaner.

Unsuitable place. Cats love to hide products of their life. And they feel uncomfortable when the intimate process takes place in a passing and crowded place. However, not only cats seek solitude for such matters. But because a tray located, for example, in the hallway, will often be ignored by the pet.

how to wean a cat to spoil

The tray located, for example, in the hallway will be ignored pet

Note: the tray in the toilet with the door closed can also become the reason that the cat began to “do things” in the wrong places.

  • Natural instincts. If the cat is stable went to the tray, and then abruptly began to smoke, then such a change behavior accompanied by increased tenderness, sagging of the back and raising the tail, signals: the cat has grown and is in state of sexual hunting. In this case, the animal does not crap, does not take revenge, does not harm and does not bully. It marks. Evidence is everywhere in the form of persistent smell of cat urine and yellow spray on the door jambs, in corners and on furniture.

Note: castrated cats can mark territory especially if the operation was done late, and the instinct managed register in memory. The only difference is castrated cats “for little.”

Those individuals who share an apartment with other animals. So they make an application for leadership status, and at the same time and brides are lured. Instinct tells: “Scare away rivals! Attract friends! “And the cats are very sensitive to such a natural appeal, diligently leaving your tags.

Moreover, not only cats mark, but also cats during estrus. Leaving their smell, they attract the attention of males. Do it is with the help of puddles and heaps, more often – at windows and doors.

  • Stress. Adults can start tagging, even elderly cats that have already outgrown adolescence and period self-affirmation. Provoke them to sharp hooliganism changes in life, stressful situations – moving, repair. Animal, unsettled, trying to “clean up” labels regain life in the house under your control, “overcome” new ones, непривычные запахи.kitten

    Животное, выбитое из колеи, пытается при помощи меток “навестиorder ”

  • Revenge. The appearance of new family members in the house, the arrival of relatives – children, grandchildren – that is still stress for the cat and a huge threat to the position of master of the pet. The animal begins Jealously desperate, having lost the usual portion of attention and adoration. It expresses its dissatisfaction with all means available to it. One of them – tags and even outright rudeness in the form of “accidentally” overturned master vase, “fragrant” heap on the sofa or described boots. All this is a desire to attract attention.
  • Disease. This is the saddest reason that provokes a cat / kitty to “bad behavior” and the last thing usually comes to the head of the owner.

Alarming symptoms:

  1. the animal does not go into the tray even on a small one;
  2. heaps and puddles are randomly and randomly located in unpredictable places;
  3. the animal does not find a place for itself;
  4. stone feces or diarrhea with blood.

If at least one of these signs is detected, the only right behavior of the owner is to immediately contact to the vet. Shout and punish a sick animal – in the highest degree, inhumane.

Cystitis, inflammation of the urethra, urolithiasis, obstruction urinary tract, intestinal disorders – these are a number of diseases, which can cause animal discomfort during urination and bowel movement, its increased pretension to familiar tray.

How to wean and what to do?

Each specific cause of inappropriate pet behavior requires its decision.

If you do not like the tray

Method one: tray enhancement.

We check the sides, the size of the tray, its cleanliness. Start the second a tray, so that there are two – separate for large and small businesses. Remove a tray from a public passageway, away from a bowl of food and “sleeping building”. For especially bashful natures, you can try to have a closed toilet house.

cat in a tray

We check the sides, the size of the tray, its cleanliness

Close attention to the filler. Maybe something is wrong with him So. Try a different look and type. For example, replace wood with clay, clay on silica gel or on ordinary sand, a newspaper.

Method two: “compromising” the place that the cat fitted under the toilet.

To do this, put foil or a wet rag there, or put a basin with water. You can catch the moment when the animal is “attached”, and Spray it with spray water. Some time scared the bully will bypass the “scary” place. There is a possibility, that will forget about him at all.

The third way: to rearrange the tray in place, which is your favorite animal, or arrange several temporary containers on “memorable places “, lay paper towels, napkins. The main thing, so that the pet does not crap on the floor.

Note: to punish a pet for an expired crime useless. You can give it a wet rag, if only he caught in the act.

If the problem is in health

The treatment prescribed by the veterinarian will eliminate the pain and will return the pet to the tray. If the animal is old and problematic bring to the toilet, understand and put the tray in walking distance to the pet.


Sometimes you want to kill them

If the cat marks

In this case, comprehensive measures will be needed:

  • removal of excitement, nervousness, decrease in sexual activity with the help of special preparations, for example, “Cat Bayun”;

Note: it is useless to spray places of tags with odorous substances, different “antigadins”. The cat will only be more active mark to interrupt the “alien” smell. You can remove the tag a type of vinegar or vodka neutralizer. Cats hate them can.

  • restriction of access of an animal to places of labels;
  • the use of a diaper. Spending most of the diaper days, the animal gradually wears off the mark;
  • mating cats – after pregnancy hormonal background restored
  • sterilization of animals.

Tip: if there are two cats in the house and there is an active dispute over the territory, if possible, it is necessary to divide zones of influence and provide cats separate trays. The competition factor is also removed separately. feeding at different times.

If the cat takes revenge

Demonstration piles and puddles – on the bed, sofa – testimony of a pet offended in its best feelings. In that case breeders are advised to handle critical places with vinegar (diluted with half water) and cover the bed / sofa plastic wrap, newspapers, something scratchy and rude.

If feline products began to appear in flower pots, the most obvious way to deal with this disastrous the phenomenon is to raise the pot from the floor, put it in the cat’s zone inaccessible. And the animal to offer a replacement in the form of temporary trays, cans / plates. So that the bully does not have a desire to experience durability from leaks, owner’s shoes, for a while should be removed shoes from the floor to the closet.

cat takes revenge

Demonstration piles and puddles – on the bed, sofa – testimony of a pet offended at his best feelings

You also need to restrict the cat / cat access to places like crimes – to close a room or to imprison an animal, put in a cage while the owners are not at home. For these purposes, breeders spacious showrooms are highly recommended.

Often the captive method works. Once the pet has set out make your “pee” in the wrong place, immediately send it to cage – in the company to the tray. 2-3 weeks of similar imprisonment and a cat surrenders.

Psychological moments

Psychological problems provoking pet shit wherever they are, eliminated only by love, patience and affection. FROM a “frustrated” cat needs to build relationships. Do not scold, do not beat, and put pressure on pity. Mistresses are not forbidden to take a tear, showing the pet how upset she is. You can talk “for life”, complain of difficulties, stroking and scratching the “asshole” for the ear. And so, day after day, not breaking into a cry and oh, until confidence in boundless master’s love will not return to the insulted cat soul.

In addition to psychological conversations, active games and fun with pet. A few toys and a paper bow on a string are capable to create miracles.

Active games with your pet are best done before he created “bad deeds” on the carpet or other unauthorized a place. On the run, blessed by the owner’s attention, he does not will spoil the impression of yourself.

Exchange of experience: owner reviews

Remove from sight all sorts of pots and basins. Pet can take them as your toilet))

My cat has recently had cystitis. During illness wrote now under the front door, then in the corner. We went to the vet. Literally after the first day of injections she began to walk normally into the tray ..

Do not change habits. If you recently took a kitten or cat, then be sure to find out which filler was used there and tray. For the first time, until you buy the right one, you can pour a little from the previous owner. But it’s better to discuss these in advance questions and buy everything before the arrival of the kitten / cat.



No need to swear. And praise when it comes down to the tray. I am mine always so accustomed. Timka, when he was little, tried to go on the bed before my eyes. I just took it to the tray. And already then praised, put a delicious one. And more of this problem is not It was. And about the poking nose, in my opinion, after that the kitten offended and does the opposite. And trust back back difficult!



And in conclusion, a brief summary: cat or cat, whatever domesticated, they remain animals, with their instincts formed by millennia. These instincts will be make them “unseemly” and uncomfortable for the owner actions. With a similar state of affairs it is necessary to reconcile, to gain patience and stock up on a fair amount of tenderness. All this is needed so that when solving the “toilet issue”, there is enough self-control and insights correctly interpret “unscrupulous gifts” – not like an annoying hindrance to order and comfort, but as the cry of an animal for help. Correctly decrypt the sent signal and immediately come to the rescue darling, no offense and humiliation. And then there will be harmony and happiness for all – affectionate “mur”, a gentle rumbling, a kind word that everyone nice and no toilet problems!

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