8 common rabbit myths

Rabbits are wonderful pets for all types of people, they intend to whether you keep them in a cage or outdoors, do you think to train or are you just going to keep them in the house as part of the family. Not less, many people think that having a rabbit is something like how to make a “goldfish”, that’s easy, behind them easy to care for and virtually no follow up. However, in the reality is completely different, rabbits are quite complex and delicate animals that require optimal living conditions, special diet, as well as certain care.

8 common rabbit myths

If you plan to get a rabbit as a pet for you or for your children, do not rush to take the final a solution, or rather, try to study this question well. In this In the article we debunk 8 common myths that are often rabbits are mentioned, especially by their potential owners.

Rabbits are easy to maintain and their costs are low

Although rabbits do not need constant attention and regular walks like dogs, for example, they should not be regarded as pets that require little care. Their cage must be cleaned daily and they need good feed qualities including hay and greens.

Rabbits are quite delicate animals that sometimes need in special health care, as well as in attention to their temperature body in both cold and hot weather.

Rabbits do not need regular veterinary care

If 20 years ago, veterinarians practically did not treat rabbits, then as their number as pets was very small, now, veterinary medicine has stepped far forward. Rabbits now require approximately as much attention to their health as, for example, cats.

First of all, rabbits are recommended to be sterilized. By reaching 6 months of age they also need to put necessary vaccinations, some of which may be necessary set annually. In addition, rabbits may sometimes need dental care, as their teeth can grow amazingly quickly.

Rabbits live only one or two years

If groomed and often sick rabbits really live not for long, then healthy and with good care individuals are able to survive to its full potential, and this is from 7 to 10 years. Keep that in mind when you plan to start them, and make sure that you can provide proper care for their long life.

Rabbits don’t need a lot of living space

In the wild, rabbits spend a lot of time moving and cover large tracts of land, movement is significant part of their daily lives. It allows them to procure food and keep your legs in good shape. Small cells and movement on a few meters that a rabbit will make in a whole day just doesn’t enough. Even dwarf rabbits need a large and spacious room to be able to jump and warm up.

Rabbits are easy to feed and can live on leftovers.

Rabbits are certainly not the most expensive animals to keep, but to feed them with ordinary food from a big bag is not enough. Feeding pieces of vegetables will also not be full for them nutrition. To survive and be healthy, rabbits need to be fed a range of products, including fresh herbs, grass and hay. They should have a constant supply of grass or hay 24 hours a day, so how the rabbit’s digestive system should work continuously, to avoid turning off their metabolism.

Rabbits don’t need a lot of attention, they themselves are funny

The content of a single rabbit is not suitable, as they are social animals that do not grow and, moreover, do not thrive without company. Content along with him, for example, a guinea pig. You have to keep at least two rabbits, but make sure they are both sterilized.

Rabbits – Smelling and Dirty Pets

If you leave your rabbits in a dirty cage and you will clean it only once a week, then their cell is definitely it will smell very bad! However, if you will regularly clean from them, you will see only pretty and clean creatures.

Schedule a specific time for each day to clean. your rabbit and its cage, remove the litter and spilled food, and once in week, thoroughly clean the cage and change the litter.

Rabbits are soft and fluffy and never bite or scratched

Rabbits, no doubt, are soft and fluffy, but, like any domestic ones animals, they need adequate socialization and opportunity get used to people before they become calm and gentle with outstanding.

A stressed or frightened rabbit may very well scratch or bite for self-defense, and possibly even injure yourself, trying to run away. Cautious handling for rabbits has vital important, you must teach them not to be afraid of any contact with you, and also do not forget to teach your children that they are right kept and stroked the pet.

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