60 rescued horses: this is not Catherine will stop

Ekaterina Maklakova met with her husband and married love for to horses. Both do not imagine themselves without noble animals, salvation whom a young couple dedicated their lives to.

Katya adored horses since childhood, went in for horse riding, but only seven years ago with horror learned that her beloved horses too go to the slaughterhouse and go to the meat. Soon she and her husband left Tambov in the village, built a stable and began to save horses. The couple didn’t find understanding either with relatives or with most of the acquaintances, but it was not the point.

Woman with a stroller and a horse

Recently, Catherine became a mother, and her favorite horses accompany her walking with a stroller

Now a group organized by Catherine in social networks, unites forty thousand people throughout Russia: they save lives to horses. Catherine herself in various ways managed to save alive and attach in good hands 60 animals, and on overexposure in her stables 14 horses with a difficult fate. She left three for herself – not I could part.

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