200 years old Jack Russell Terrier

June 10 in the center of Kiev on the route Khreschatyk – Maidan Of Independence – European Square – Peoples’ Friendship Arch passed Jack Russell and Parson Terrier dog parade.

The event is organized in honor of the Year of the Dog and is dedicated to Celebrating the bicentennial of the breed. But one of the main reasons for this events became a charity event in support of the shelter for animals best friends.

Jack Russell Parade in Kiev

Source: https://kiev.informator.ua

The Jack Russell Terrier breed got the most popularity after the film with Jim Carrey “The Mask” (1994), where one of the main roles played a dog named Milo. Since then the breed has become so popular that everyone polls began to engage in breeding jack russell.

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Maintain a shelter and just have a good time came around fifty dogs with their owners. Jacks stripped in carnival costumes of Disney heroes and even Julius Caesar himself. The masquerade parade organizers came up with funny contests, quests, talent show. Not without the choice of the King and Queen of the parade.

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