10 cutest animal films

Well, who doesn’t like good movies about cute pets? After all, they are so funny, playful, awkward, funny and loyal. We could not get past this top ten films about our favorites.


  • 1 Marley and I
  • 2 Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend
  • 3 White captive
  • 4 flipper
  • 5,101 Dalmatians
  • 6 Beethoven
  • 7 Lion King
  • 8 Way Home: An Incredible Journey
  • 9 Cats versus Dogs
  • 10 Puss in Boots

Marley and I

A light melodrama that will not only brighten up the evening, but will remind you of the importance of relationships, and a mischievous dog will play in what is happening the main role.

Hachiko: The most loyal friend

Swede Lasse Hallström painting of indestructible devotion based on the film by Seijiro Koyama (the script for it, By the way, Japanese classic Kaneto Shindo wrote). Dog Hachiko the host dies unexpectedly (Richard Gere), but the pet continues to wait who died at the station, spending there year after year.

White captive

“A touching story of friendship based on real events.” – the slogan of this film does not deceive. Strong movie about heroism and mutual support of eight dogs forced to survive in the midst boundless cold Antarctica.


Dolphin Flipper – one of the symbols of American television 1960s (in terms of popularity, only everyone can compete with him famous collie Lessi), who was the main character of the same name series. In the mid-1990s, the franchise resurrected and at the same time attempted happiness in a big movie.

101 Dalmatians

The famous story of a huge brood of spotted dogs, which was abducted by the evil Cruella de Ville for the sake of a fur coat.


A good comedy film that can transform an ordinary person in a keen dog breeder. To date, Beethoven looks somewhat old-fashioned, but because it seems to be even more charming.

Lion king

This Disney interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is still Since then, it excites the public, despite the fact that its release took place more 20 years ago.

The way home: an incredible journey

A soulful and fascinating story about the adventures of Shadow dogs and A chance in the company of Sessie’s cat.

Cats versus dogs

This movie war will be eternal! People are extremely interested in her watch. Especially when it comes to the perky spy comedies on the theme of saving the world from catastrophe.

Puss in Boots

Shrek’s friend and just the main cat of our time. Gentleman, brave, conqueror of ladies’ hearts – there is nothing surprising in the fact that such a noble hidalgo acquired not only boots, but and a movie in his furry honor.

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