Hamsters average weight

If you were weighing your hamster, you probably want to know Is it too much or too little compared to other hamsters. So, here is a list of average weights of hamsters of various breeds, which also contains some species information, including dwarf species hamsters.

Please note the weight of an adult hamster (weighing instructions can be found below).

Hamsters reach their full size by 6 months. In age 18 months they are already passing the maturity stage and begin to age – therefore, their weight may decrease.

Syrian hamster weight: 140 – 200 grams

Of the five species commonly sold as home animals – the Syrian hamster is the largest.

Hamsters average weight

Dwarf Hamster Weights

Weight of the Dzungarian hamster (Dzungarik): 40-60 gram

Hamsters average weight

Campbell Hamster Weight: 40-60 grams

Hamsters average weight

Roborovsky hamster: 25-40 grams

Roborovsky hamster is the smallest of all 5 major types of domestic hamsters.

Hamsters average weight

Chinese hamster: 40-50 grams

Hamsters average weight

How to weigh a hamster?

If you are thinking how to weigh a hamster, then see our brief instructions. It’s difficult for hamsters to sit in one place, therefore, if you are not exclusively a manual hamster, you will need some trick and a few things.

Digital scales – the most common digital kitchen the balance is the best fit.

A small container or cardboard box. Without box or container, your hamster will likely run away quickly, therefore, you may not have time to record its weight.

A treat or sunflower seed. If a your hamster does not sit in the box, you can put there some goodies or seeds so that he stays there a little longer. And do not forget to consider the weight of the goodies and boxes, although a couple sunflower seeds usually weigh less than a gram, of course, unless you use huge seeds.

Why do I need to record the weight of a hamster?

Recording your hamster’s weight is a very good idea, because that’s how you can quickly detect significant weight loss or weight gain and start fighting it. Sometimes hamsters quickly lose weight when get sick or their teeth grow too long so that they don’t can eat. If you change the diet of your hamster, then you also you should monitor his weight to make sure that he is eating right, and not hiding his new food somewhere, because it is him I do not like.

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