How to wean a dog to sleep on the bed with the owner: simple ways

A little puppy who has landed in a new home yearns for his pack, mothers. Therefore, he tries to be closer to his new family. around the clock. Often the owners whine a puppy a bed to reassure. However, then it’s very difficult to drive matured dog out of bed. How to wean a dog to sleep on the bed with the owner?

Psychological factors

The reasons why dogs tend to get into bed by humans are in the nature of pack animals. Home ancestors pets lived in a large flock, and modern dogs also belong to flocks of animals. They felt a sense of security, warmth, closely cuddling each other during sleep. Only the outcasts were forced to sleep separately from the pack. Therefore puppies strive to be closer to those from whom they expect protection. How to wean a dog to sleep on the bed with the owner

Zoopsychologists claim that by the position of a pet, you can determine how much he trusts the members of his “pack.” If the dog turns the most unprotected part – the back, then he trusts the person, Feels protection and comfort. Such close contact, however, does not contribute to building the right hierarchy. Highly organized animals need a hierarchical structure.

Puppies are immediately born dominants, subdominants and low-ranking, so from the very beginning alpha seek to occupy appropriate position. The leader of the pack is always higher social ladder than the congeners. This also applies to location in space. Dog bed is one level lower master bed or sofa. So he understands that the owner is the leader, and the dog must obey him.

In an effort to get into bed with the owner, the dog is trying to compete for leadership. This dog is harder to raise and harder to demand from him obedience. Dog strive to sleep in a person’s bed, but he doesn’t allows you to encroach on your berth – this is the right of the leader of the pack. A man himself gives way to part of his leadership, and the dog can to manipulate a person in order to achieve his goal.

There are more “prosaic” reasons not related to psychology and nature of the pet. For instance:

  • the apartment is too cold, and the pet is looking for a warm place;
  • the dog needs attention, close contact allows compensate for this;
  • the dog in the owner’s bed is “hiding” from excessive attention small children or other occupants.

Feeling of fear, lack of security, the need for a “family”, stress – factors that make a dog look comfortable mental and physical conditions in a person’s bed.

Reasons to keep animals out of bed

Leading dog handlers advise from day one not to let the puppy, even the smallest breeds sleeping in the owners bed. It affects not only on the nature of the pet and family relationships, but it can pose a risk to human health.

Many dog ​​owners accustomed to sleeping in bed admit that they can’t get enough sleep. Dog sniffles out loud sighs, tossing and turning from side to side. She can jump out of bed to drink some water, walk around, clatter his claws and jumps again, continue to sleep. In such a lively environment, it’s hard to do well get enough sleep. The dog sleeps on the bed with the owner

Permanent contact with your pet can be dangerous. human health. On the coat and legs, the dog can bring pathogens and parasites and infect:

  • helminthiasis and other parasitic diseases;
  • ringworm;
  • campylobacteriosis;
  • demodicosis;
  • scabies;
  • dermatophycosis;
  • rabies.

Zoonotic diseases are difficult to treat and can have complications. Children are at particular risk because their immunity is not yet perfect, and the body is not able to withstand many serious pathologies. Animal hair is an allergen, capable of causing an allergic reaction with skin manifestations or breathing problems.

How to wean an animal to sleep in a master bed

The hardest thing is to wean a pet if it has already formed certain habits. In order to succeed, required:

  • patience;
  • sequence;
  • perseverance;
  • support for all family members.

Wean the dog will not succeed in 1-2 times. The pet will ask in bed, whine, look with an imploring gaze, stubbornly drop in to the usual place. It is worth giving way to previous attempts will be completely leveled. How to wean a dog to sleep on the bed with the owner read the article

It is necessary to expel the pet gently, but persistently, applying prohibiting commands: “Fu!”, “It is impossible!”, “Place!”. The dog should taking the collar, take it to the couch, command “Place”, and when the dog will lie on a couch, give him a treat. Positive reinforcement will mitigate the conflict and help the pet get comfortable on your berth.

As a punishment, do not use force (beatings, screams). Some dog owners use a spray bottle with water spray if the dog jumps onto the bed. Alternation of punishment and encouragement helps to get results faster.

For adult dogs and teenage puppies you can use leash to remove a pet from bed. Stubborn dog can to punish for disobedience – a light slap on the back, hand holding is the maximum that can be allowed in regarding the pet.

It’s best to immediately teach your dog to sleep only on his couch. and enter the master bedroom only by permission. Get rid of the temptation will help a closed door. If the apartment is still animals, the prohibition of sleep in the owners’ bed should apply and on them, otherwise jealousy will prompt the dog to violate the prohibitions.

In very difficult cases, an innovative tool can help – “scat mat”. This is a special training electric mat, safe for animal health, but indispensable when weaning from jumping on furniture, a table, trying to “justify the need” in the wrong location. It has 3 modes, and when the animal paws on the mat then experiences a weak discharge of current that does not cause pain, but only discomfort.

Replace expensive stingray mat can rustling polyethylene film, a layer of newspapers. Unexpected noise from landing on favorite bed or sofa, unpleasant for the pet and it will be annoying, causing a desire to avoid discomfort.

Require compliance must be regularly. If one day drive the pet to the couch, and the other to take it to him “under the barrel”, this will not only not facilitate education, but will also negatively affect the psyche of the dog.

Video on how to wean a dog from bed

Pet Bedroom Requirements

In the very famous and popular among dog breeders book J. Fisher “What your dog thinks” the author asks the owners dogs who like to jump onto a bed, sofa or chair, is it convenient is their pet’s sleeper? He believes that the dog does not there was a need to ask for a bed in the owners, you need to do his berth is more attractive:

  1. The berth should be located in a draft away from busy traffic and close attention.
  2. The mattress must fit the size of an adult dog, so so that the pet in any position can feel comfortable.
  3. The selection of a mattress depends on the age of the pet. If the dog problems with the musculoskeletal system or is she in advanced age, it makes sense to get a mattress that takes the form body. A great choice is an orthopedic mattress. Regardless mattress, its cover should be easy to remove and wash. Preferably, the cover is made of natural fabric. Artificial materials can cause allergies, but in longhaired dogs electrification “fur coats”.
  4. Representatives of some breeds need very soft beds – sofas or beds. This is due to the physiology of dogs (mastiffs, bull terriers, middle schnauzers, staffordshire terriers) who have weak joints.
  5. For small, smooth-haired breeds, it is especially important that the bed located in a warm place. It makes sense to buy a crib or a sofa on legs to “tear” a berth from a floor.
  6. Burrowing dogs really like the houses in which they feel yourself isolated and protected.
  7. Favorite toys should be located next to the bed, as it is not only a sleeping place, but also a recreation area, relaxation.

Recreation area should cause positive emotions, feeling security and safety. If the dog can’t get used to it for a long time to his own bedroom, whines and asks for the master bed, the bed should be placed next to the bed so that the puppy could feel the presence of man, but firmly suppress attempts climb to the owner.

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