How to wean a dog to jump on people: effective methods

The manifestation of feelings in dogs – affection, devotion, love is not may not cause emotion. The joy of returning the owner of the dog showing jumping on him. This manifestation of feelings is not always nice and appropriate – spoiled things, scratches from claws, scraps the owner is forced to endure wool, if he could not raise his pet. Worse if the dog also reacts to outsiders. If the dog knocks down or scares a child, stains and tears guests’ clothes – it already smells of big trouble. Therefore, it is worth finding out from specialists how to wean a dog to jump on people.

Why is the dog jumping

In the animal kingdom, “bouncing” is an expression of affection, warm feelings, joys and invitations to the game. Worth to see how they lead puppies themselves when approaching the mother, or wolf cubs, foxes … The natural manifestation of emotions in animals is enhanced by certain types of character. Dogs – sanguine and choleric – more vigorously express their feelings, phlegmatic and melancholy in this respect more restrained. How to wean a dog to jump on people

Genetically determined manifestations do not mean weaning the dog is impossible to jump on people. As in every parenting method, patience and consistency are needed here.

Traditional methods of education

It is necessary to start education as early as possible. If jumping and petting a little puppy is tender, and it can be done without special problems stop, then the over-age pet of significant sizes and weights, knocking over joy of meeting furniture along the way and the owner including, already causes concern.

Very young puppies

All the crumbs should be held. The owner puts the packages drops to puppy level and prevents attempts to jump or put your paws, gently pressing the dog to the floor and saying “It is impossible.” As soon as the dog realizes that you can’t jump and stand on gender, you should give him the opportunity to greet, lick his hand. But all attempts to jump should be gently and persistently nipped.

The baby should not be punished, otherwise instead of the stormy joy of meeting the owner will get the next time a writer shaking with fear pet. After the baby calms down, you can get up, take stuff and take apart bags. Good manners should be dealt with all family members. If, for example, children squeeze the baby and joyfully throwing an embrace to him, then such lessons will not give expected result never. The older the puppy gets, the more tougher teaching methods can be applied to eradicate desire jump on people.

Adult dogs

The easiest learning method is to avoid contact. At when approaching a pet, you need to turn to him sideways or back, so that the animal has lost visual contact with the eyes and face the owner. So the dog will not see his reaction and will stop at confused. For most dogs, disapproval is tantamount to punishment, so a verbal gesture can be added to the avoidance gesture the signal is to say in a firm, but even voice, “No,” “Fu,” or another forbidding word.

After the dog stopped trying to say hello, you can caress her, give a treat so that the animal understands that the owner is not angry and is pleased with the calm greeting of the pet. Highly well, when the dog has already learned the command “Fu”, “Sit” and others prohibiting teams. They will protect you from excessive manifestation of joy. dogs from the meeting.

Another simple method is a physical obstacle. Seeing the dog’s intention to jump on joys, you should raise your leg, bend her knee. When throwing, the dog will hit the obstacle and later several failed attempts to “kiss” stop jumping. This method can also be accompanied by the prohibition words or phrases.

A knee push for a large dog will not hurt, but small or medium dog he will be sensitive. In such case it is necessary to measure the blow and the size of the pet or replace the bottom limb upper. A push with an open palm will be the same interpreted as a negative encouragement, but less painful.

A retention method is also very effective. When the animal is already jumped, but has not yet touched the paws of the owner’s chest, should be caught hold him by the paws. Such a gesture will cause the dog discomfort and make in the future avoid unpleasant sensations. How to wean an adult dog to jump on people

In addition, it is worth using a prohibitory gesture along with the command “Not”, “Fu.” Dogs really dislike if something moves fast in the immediate vicinity of the nose. Once the dog is about to jump, you need to say: “It is impossible!” and fast stretch out a hand with a palm turned towards her face.

According to the same principle, a method with a spray gun or water gun. It should be kept in the hall “at hand”. how only the dog intends to jump, you need to meet him with a stream of water. Aromatic substances are allowed in water, but try do not overdo it with concentration, so as not to beat off the scent or damage mucous membranes of the eye and nose. Such gentle methods are suitable for both raising puppies and adult dogs.

If the dog reacts violently to the arrival of guests or on the street throws greetings at passers-by, stands her as quickly as possible teach prohibiting teams “Fu”, “You can not.” For this you have to drive your pet on a leash. As soon as he shows a desire to jump a person needs to give the command “Fu” and sharply pull the leash. After 3-4 days of such training, the dog will learn a lesson.

But it should be remembered that:

  • prohibitory word pronounced before negative encouragement (push, restraint, jerk with a leash);
  • after the animal stands on its floor with its paws need to be encouraged – pat, give something tasty, praise affectionately voice
  • all family members must be unanimous and act together.

In no case should you beat a pet, shout at him if he in a fit of “passion” tore his favorite tights, tore his hands off packages or knocked over the owner at the door. This behavior is not only will undermine relations with the owner, but can also cause psychological conflict.

Psychological conflict

People think like people, forgetting that the dog does it completely differently. Imagine a pet sitting all day waiting adored host. If that comes at about the same time, then in the body of the dog a series of biochemical processes takes place – adrenaline and other sensory hormones are released delight, joy.

Scientist Jerzy Konorsky (Jerzi Konorski), conducted with laboratory dogs experiences. He served food to dogs every few minutes. and accompanied this process by flashes of light. The researcher noticed that a few days later the dogs salivation, and they looked at bowls even without stimulus (light). The scientist suggested that, causing a reaction in time to food and light, the animal begins to a certain time to “dream” or hallucinate.

In such a situation when the pet is psychologically and biochemically set up for a pleasant meeting, get a slap from the owner, shout or a blow to the face is very stressful. There is an internal conflict to be “repaid”. Weasel after correct the completed action smooths out the conflict situation and consolidates positive reaction of the dog.

Video on how to wean a dog to jump on people

Unconventional methods of behavior correction

In dogs with choleric temperament, the process of weaning from jumping on a person can drag out or require more drastic measures. Dog handlers advise using more tangible strength negative encouragement effects – strong push, slap, retention or strict collar.

But the dog is hard to cope with the release of large quantities hormones. In this case, Dr. Laurie Tepp, a member of the American associations of veterinarians working with alternative methods medicine, advises the use of homeopathic and pharmaceutical pet calming drugs:

  • Phosphorus (Phosphorus) With 30 in 1 homeopathic dose 1 time per day for 7 days;
  • Silicea (Silicea terra) or Acidum silicicum is also used 1 homeopathic dose once a day. Prescribed for severe nervous excitability in dogs;
  • � teaspoon diet yeast for dogs weighing less than 15 kg If the animal weighs 15-50 kg, then give 1 tsp. yeast more large dogs – 1 tablespoon each once a day. Just before treatment it is necessary to consult a veterinarian, as in some dogs yeast causes allergies;
  • decoction of hypericum perforatum. The animal is given a drink of 3-8 mg decoction (depending on weight), which is prepared by boiling in within 15 minutes from 1 tbsp dry raw materials and 1 cup of water. Give medicine 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is 5-7 days.

Sometimes, during a game, the owner allows the dog to jump on him. IN in this case, make sure that the dog understands the difference in situations. Otherwise, he will be confused and that’s it acquired skills may be lost. To prevent this from happening, writes in his book Cats for Dummies, a consultant on Zoopsychology Gene Spadafori should use different prohibition signs and words. Unconventional methods of behavior correction

As long as the pet does not learn how to jump on people, it’s worth apply safety measures, especially if there is a child or old man. The weakest members of the family, entering, must stay behind, to avoid injury.

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