How to wean a dog pull a leash

The leash is the main tool used by the owner, to control your four-legged friend during the walks. But sometimes the pet takes the lead, and then led turns out to be a man. Despite the fact that many owners justify the dog’s behavior, explaining it with curiosity, activity, courage, experts consider a leash a defect in behavior that requires mandatory correction. Besides Moreover, the owner feels uncomfortable when the pet is constantly torn with a leash, and in the case of large animals, the case may end injuries. And to prevent this from happening, it is desirable for the owner know how to wean a dog by pulling on a leash: have to rethink their behavior and understand why the pet is behaving this way.

Normal reaction or protest

Dog handlers are familiar with situations where the leash tension is warranted. But this applies exclusively to working dogs that are In this way they signal the coach. In representatives of some breeds, this occurs when a natural instinct is triggered, but still walk should not turn into a competition – who whom will pull. How to wean a dog pull a leash read the article

Before sending your pet for corrective training, it should be determined what drives him when he pulls the leash. If case in the manifestation of instinct, then this can happen in the following cases:

  • the dog was scared;
  • trying to escape;
  • manifestation of aggression towards someone, an attempt to attack the offender;
  • the dog is a representative of the sled breed, but is not familiar with rules for walking in a team;
  • the pet acts as a guide – it pulls the leash to indicate the trajectory of movement;
  • the dog is engaged in search activities and “attacked” track;
  • being on a leash waiting for the owner, the dog begins violently show joy upon seeing him.

Therefore, behavior correction is necessary if the pet pulls and yanks the leash for no apparent reason. Fine ammunition should sag a little, but not to the ground.

Reasons for disobedience

Do not think that when the dog drags the owner confidently choosing a route, he does not prove anything. Usually it’s bright example of disobedience, protest against something, manifestation dominance. If a little puppy just getting used to ammunition, it’s possible to forgive this – nevertheless, the kids master the skill of movement on a leash, then a teenage dog such can not be let down.

In this difficult period, the pet begins to assert itself, seek your place in the family hierarchy and often infringe on leadership host position. Any protest against the rules – owner verification on firmness, the desire of the dog to subordinate him to his desires.

It is also worth considering that uncontrolled leashes of the leash can cause injuries to both the person and the animal itself. For instance, Due to the monotonous tension of the equipment, serious harm is done ligaments and joints of the hand holding it. And if a frisky pet decides to make a sharp jerk?

The dog also suffers from its own behavior – the collar crushes on the trachea, and breathing becomes difficult. Such an impact leads to mild oxygen deficiency, the dog gets used to it and begins to pull the ammunition even more intensely. And as a result – in during the whole walk the dog suffocates, coughs and wheezes.

Common host errors

As you know, the behavior of a four-legged friend largely depends on of how he is brought up and trained. Before scolding a pet, the owner should analyze the situation and draw conclusions – that he have the dog behave properly? Often the owner does not even attempt to wean the puppy from the bad habits, and later, when he turns into an adult dog, difficulties arise.

Sometimes a pet gets into a new house as an adult, but not trained in good manners and unfamiliar with ammunition. If in this case immediately start with swearing and hard training methods, you can soon expect resistance from a new four-legged friend. Raising a dog must be literate, which means it’s worth heed the advice of professionals:

  1. Always the main thing is a person – whether at home or on the street, he acts as a leader, and therefore, in no case should to go where the dog leads him.
  2. Leash the leash to its maximum length so that the dog there was freedom to sniff surrounding objects – but on this and it is worth limiting.
  3. You can’t change the trajectory if the pet is somewhere wanted to collapse, and when he nevertheless followed the owner, his worth encouraging.
  4. Any violation of behavior is not encouraged – a manifestation of cowardice, aggression, overexcitation, throwing, sharp, loud barking, etc. But in recommends distracting the dog using a favorite situation toy or team.
  5. You should forget about jerks – in many books and brochures on dog training mentions the method of parfors or jerk, with which use punishment or physical stimulation exposure. But the tension of the leash does not give the proper result, especially when it comes to an adult pet. The trainer should loosen the leash and pull. The dog perceives the following – if the collar does not press constantly, then soon you can wait for an unpleasant jerk and pulls the leash even more to avoid punishment.

How to wean a dog pull a leash while walking

All dogs are different – training is easy for some, while for others cause difficulties. However, there are no dogs that are not at all can master basic skills and are not amenable to correction. If the dog offer a more comfortable option, she will gladly refuse from a bad habit. And it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a puppy or an adult dog, but, of course, in the second case you will have to attach more effort. How to wean a dog pull on a leash

First of all, it is worth considering that the dog himself is not enthusiastic about that his walks are clouded by unpleasant pressure on his neck. it gives him considerable discomfort, but he himself does not solve the problem can. During corrective training, it is necessary to sharpen attention to the dog’s misconduct and respond appropriately by doing this constantly. On average, adjustment lasts from one and a half to two weeks.

What ammunition is better to choose

To achieve the result, the dog must be provided suitable accessories that do not cause the dog discomfort. The collar should be moderately wide, comfortable, and the leash match the size and breed of the four-legged friend. Exist several types of common ammunition. Treat her following:

  1. Leash – is a tape of dense material having a carabiner to attach to the collar. May be short, medium or loose. The latter type is used for dressings, for walks more suitable medium length.
  2. Roulette is a practical device, but not very useful for training and correction. According to her principle work, the leash is constantly in a tense position.
  3. Leash with a handle – a cord on the end of which There is a loop for the hand and a carabiner. They use the dog to walk nearby, but to correct behavior is not suitable.
  4. Strict collar – it is also called porfors, it makes the dog behave well, but does not contribute to learning. Apply only in extreme cases.
  5. The stranglehold collar is pretty tough accessory that literally chokes the dog when the leash is pulled. To resort to such an accessory, if you need to “restrain” oversized dog, unfamiliar with the rules of good form.
  6. Halti, or the so-called halter – outwardly reminds a muzzle, is the correcting adaptation – at the tension of the leash is felt not on the neck, but on the face. Dog Learns to walk as it should, but does not feel pain.
  7. Stun collar – delicate like that you can’t name the device, since it is first warning vibrates, and then hits the dog with a weak charge of current. Usually to ESOs are resorted to when it comes to a dog that can be dangerous to others.
  8. Harness – comfortable design, suitable for raised dogs.

During corrective training, one and the same leash from 3 to 5 meters long, but collars and halters can be replaced. But it is better to refuse roulette, and sometimes it has to be done forever.

Video on how to wean a dog pull a leash

Methods of Special Education

To make the dog more attentive, you should take it to the area where other four-legged ones do not walk is quiet and reigns calm atmosphere. The training is as follows:

  • as soon as the leash is pulled, you should change direction – attract the attention of the dog, heading to the side or along opposite direction;
  • to make the dog understand that the owner is uncomfortable with the behavior dogs, you can cheat – the owner must make sudden movements – a snake, zigzags, swaying, etc., stop, block the path of the dog;
  • punishments, verbal and physical, it is better not to use, but one should not forget about praise – with improper behavior it is enough apply the above method, without unnecessary nervousness, and obedience should be encouraged;
  • can be included in the process of sound stimulus and change trajectories – as soon as the dog began to pull the leash, you need to publish conditional sound – squeak, whistle, etc., and abruptly go to another direction. Thanks to this exercise, the pet will understand that in the time of the walk is worth following the owner.

A dog can become a true friend, protector, companion, but the owner should remember that he is the leader, the leader, the most important in relations with the four-legged comrade.

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