Young roe deer escaped from a flock of hungry dogs

Reserve “Pillars” of the Krasnoyarsk Territory almost right up adjacent to the residential street 2nd Borovoy. To the residents of the area often guests drop in from the forest.

A few days ago a pack of stray dogs drove a young roe deer into unfinished garage to one of the inhabitants of the village. A little more and hungry dogs would lift a cloven-hoofed animal. But the roe is lucky – she was able to hide in time in the pit of the garage, and the pack of dogs was driven away the villagers themselves.

A frightened roe deer was not going to leave the pit, then the local residents called employees from the reserve.

According to the deputy director of the protected area of ​​the reserve “Pillars” of Ivan Kirillov, removing the roe deer from the pit, inspectors carried her in the trunk of the car and covered with a carpet. Having driven away, they decided release the animal, but it did not immediately want to leave the heated the place.

In the reserve about stray dogs heard. They say that ungulates from them there is no life. Hungry, stray dogs lead the real hunting for the inhabitants of the park. Kirillov explains that from such hunters need to get rid of the only method – shooting, so how sterilization and shelters do not help dogs.

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