You are adorable: the ugliest contest a dog

In the US state of California contests for the ugliest the dog has become traditional, every year they gain more participants.

Down with the complexes! Beauty is a relative concept, and owners bright, charismatic appearance should be proud of her. So consider and the organizers of the California show, and its participants. Already 43 For the year in a row, America’s ugliest dog is chosen here, and the title The winner is very prestigious.

Together with the title, the dog receives a cash prize – one and a half thousand dollars, commemorative cup and certificate for a trip to New York, you can take the owner with you. During the competition in it representatives of different breeds and outbred pets won. AT this year, a mestizo named Tuna became the winner, and the 2018 Cup got the English bulldog Zaza.

English Bulldog Zaza

The English Bulldog Zaza was recognized as the ugliest dog in 2018

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