Yagdterrier (photo): a normal dog for hunting

Jagdterriers are very loyal to their owner, and they expect a command from him to fulfill it as soon as possible.


Origin: Germany

Class: belongs to the 3rd group according to FCI (terriers). Section 1 – medium and large terriers with tests performance characteristics. Smooth and wire-haired varieties.

Application: use in various types hunting (burrow, feather, blood track, hare, wild boar).

Color: on a dark brown or black background red or brown tan marks, which are located on the face and eyebrows, under the tail, legs, feet, chest.

Sizes: smaller than average, males at the withers 32-40 cm, females 30-38 cm. Male weight up to 9-10 kg, females up to 7.5-8.5 kg. The hunting ground must have an almost ideal weight.

Life expectancy: up to 15 years.

Bred for hunting like a normal dog, the terrier can Become a friend and helper.

He is unusually smart, very active, like smooth and wire-haired Fox Terrier, ideal for hunting.

Thanks to its strong constitution, the yagd terriers are quite hardy dogs.

Due to its strong constitution, terriers are enough hardy dogs


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Character and Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a puppy
  • 5 Care features
    • 5.1 Walk
    • 5.2 Feeding
  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 Vaccinations
  • 7 Knitting

Breed history

In the 20s of the last century, attempts to bring a new breed of terriers with pronounced hunting qualities.

As a result of tribal work with fox terriers, Welsh terriers and English wire-haired terriers, was received black and tan yagd terrier.

During World War II, the tribal base was badly damaged, however, since 1951, the number has gradually increased, thanks to surviving 33 dogs.

It was internationally recognized as a breed in 1981 year.

Jagdterriers are owners of a keen mind and good memory, so they quickly learn and remember commands.

Jagd terriers – owners of a keen mind and good memory, thanks what they quickly learn and remember teams

Character and Psychology

Cleverness, excellent learning of this active dog is not will leave anyone indifferent.

Among the features include:

  • A keen mind that allows you to quickly drag a dog and to instill in her the necessary qualities;
  • Courage, fearlessness;
  • Incredulity to strangers. It is important to form the character Terrier to avoid aggression;
  • Stamina, strong constitution;
  • From work and execution of orders of the owner receives extraordinary pleasure.

Excellent flair allows the yagd terrier to quickly find prey.

Great flair allows the yagd terrier to quickly find prey


Terrier dog was bred for hunting burrows, however many owners drag it in a different way:

  • great flair allows the yagdterrier to like Russian or Estonian hound find wounded prey;
  • in boar hunting, dogs show great malice and aggression;
  • thanks to the love of water is used to search and feed shot game, as well as when hunting a bird in the forest;
  • it is also possible to use yagd terriers, as well as Hungarian vyzhlu, for hunting a hare.

The yagd terrier is very nimble and fast, so it will be indispensable for various types of hunting.

The yagd terrier is very nimble and fast, so it will be indispensable for different types of hunting

How to choose a puppy

Since the dog is not particularly common, many potential owners use the Internet to more carefully consider her.

Looking for a search engine for puppies of a yagd terrier, you can get a lot addresses and offers.

It should also be understood that a dog from good producers does not can be cheap.

Pedigree puppies besides documents and pedigree usually have stigma.

The future owner must decide why the puppy is acquired this breed.

If a dog is needed for hunting, a purebred pedigree does not have values, but hunting qualities are important.

Pure blood is important when a dog is taken for breeding. and exhibitions.

You need to train yagd terriers from an early age

You need to train yagd terriers from an early age

A healthy puppy should:

  • have a sharp muzzle, short muscular neck, thick coat, the head is on a par with the withers;
  • be black and tan without spots of extraneous colors;
  • actively communicate with brothers and sisters;
  • show curiosity to a person, are not afraid of sudden movements and loud sounds.
  • have a healthy appearance, shiny eyes, not a swollen belly.

Care Features

Dog for hunting work does not tolerate apartment a life.

The dog in the city needs to be well loaded, walking for a long time time, train and train.

Jagdterriers, like fighting dogs, are good live in specially equipped enclosures.

However, the chain content of the dog is contraindicated!

And the yagd terriers can sing. Of course, only in a good mood.

And yagd terriers can sing. Of course, only in good mood

Like a smooth-haired Italian greyhound, this dog practically does not require grooming.

You need to bathe the dog if necessary, you can comb furminators or mitt.

The standard set of hygiene procedures also includes processing of claws and ears.


Inadequate physical activity can ruin a character. dogs, make her aggressive or revengeful.

The breed of yagd terrier, as well as the greyhounds, feels best when hunted regularly and to run in the wild.

If the dog is kept in the city, at least 3 are required. daily walks, at least one not shorter than 1-1.5 hours.

A city dog can be trained to bring items. He is also eager will be engaged in agility, play frisbee.

In crowded places, put on a dog harness.

Jagdterriers are not afraid of water, so you can take them with you to hunt game

Territories are not afraid of water, so you can take them with you on game hunting


For the health and strength of the puppy you need to properly feed.

Weaning from the mother is performed no earlier than 2 months, but even while puppies feed on milk, new ones are gradually introduced into their diet products:

  • raw beef;
  • scalded fish;
  • cottage cheese and dairy products;
  • egg yolks;
  • cereals;
  • vegetables.

The basis of the diet of an adult dog should be animal protein, as main source of energy.

You can give beef, lamb, chicken, offal, raw beef bones.

Strictly prohibited:

  • any pork;
  • River fish;
  • potatoes and beans;
  • sausages, smoked meats, spices;
  • fatty foods;
  • sweets, cookies, sweets.

Jagdterrier - a surprisingly healthy dog   with strong immunity

Jagdterrier – amazingly healthy dog with a strong immunity

After six months, the puppy gets food three times a day, from 9 months – twice.

You can also dilute the diet with high quality dry feed.


Jagdterrier is a surprisingly healthy dog with strong immunity. Having received preventive vaccinations on time, almost never is sick.

The exceptions are injuries that the dog may suffer on hunting.

For longevity and well-being of the dog, it is important to correctly feed the pet, just load and care for him.

It is also necessary to periodically do treatment for helminths, protect against parasites (ticks, fleas).


Jagdterriers are vaccinated in the same way as other hunting breeds.

Rabies vaccinations are required vaccination against:

  • coronavirus infection;
  • leptospirosis;
  • parvovirus enteritis;
  • carnivore plague;
  • adenovirus infection;
  • infectious hepatitis.

Of course, the yagd terrier will become not only a good assistant in the hunt, but also your best friend.

Of course, the yagd terrier will not only be a good helper on hunting, but also your best friend

You can also vaccinate a dog against dermatomycosis – trichophytosis and microsporia.

Injections are best done in a veterinary clinic, the doctor will help you choose effective multivalent vaccines and schedule vaccinations.


Despite early puberty, dogs can not be knitted earlier than 2 years, bitches – not earlier than 1,5 years – after the third estrus.

For mating, the bitch is always taken to the dog, and not vice versa. Pregnancy lasts up to 63 days, ends with the birth of 2 to 9 puppies.

Before mating, you need to find out the pedigree of dogs.

If both parents come from two smooth-haired yagd terriers, there is a risk of giving birth to puppies with low abdominal clumps, which is vice.

It is better to always knit smooth-haired yagd terriers with wire-haired by individuals.

The Yagd Terrier can become almost invisible in any environment.

Yagdterrier can become almost invisible in any conditions

This mobile indefatigable dog, created for hunting.

He is independent and fearless, therefore raising a puppy follows from a very young age, avoiding rudeness.

A properly trained and trained dog will implicitly obey the owner, work on the hunt, protect family.

Jagdterrier: normal dog for hunting

Terrier breed, description and characteristics of the dog. Features care and education, diet, health and walking. Bark dog for hunters and active owners.

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