Worms in cats: how to treat

Worms in cats – a very common problem. And scare her not worth it. But to take a set of measures that will help the four-legged friend, the owner of the animal must be. The appearance of worms – it’s a disease that can really be dealt with with medicines and folk remedies. However, to consolidate success treatment should not be limited. In order to avoid relapse disease, you have to rethink some habits, not only pet, but, first of all, its owner.


  • 1 Where do worms come from
  • 2 Types
  • 3 How to determine if a cat has worms
  • 4 Why are they dangerous?
  • 5 Treatment
    • 5.1 Preparations for worms for cats
    • 5.2 Folk remedies
  • 6 Special cases
  • 7 Prevention

Where do worms come from

Cat with a mouse in the mouth

Mice also carry worms

For many cat owners, news about the appearance of worms becomes a shock. Where did the pet go for days spends in a city apartment, worms come from?

Alas, there is where to come from. Especially in the summer when the apartment (even in the presence of mosquito nets on the windows) peddlers fly helminths – flies that go straight to food, including and, as if specially prepared for them, feline bowls food.

Flies are a much lesser evil compared to how much contagion brings the owner of the animal into the house on his shoes and clothes. Moustached mustache is always interesting to sniff legs somewhere the host who has been missing all day. And the beast, of course, is completely not suspects a threat – whole colonies (up to a thousand eggs) of helminths, that people collect throughout the day: from public transport to the supermarket.

As a result, the eggs and larvae of the worms “move” to the cat a fur coat. And then – when licking the wool – infection also occurs animal.

All the same reasons for the appearance of worms in a domestic cat – several at once. Among them:

  • Infection through raw fish and meat.
  • Bites of insects (e.g. mosquitoes), which is fraught with the appearance of heartworms.
  • Even the shortest walk in the yard, which accompanied by contact with grass, sand and food the life of other pets.
  • Inheritance worms are the result of intrauterine transmission from mother cats.


Types of worms in cats

There are many types of worms from which they suffer. cats

The habitat of the parasites may vary. Some species choose the animal’s intestines, others prefer liver or lungs. Heart worms live in a heart bag animal. These are round worms one and a half millimeters thick. Females are more dangerous – usually they are twice as large as males. The result of their appearance in the body over time can be damage to the central nervous system of the animal and violation blood flow. The peddlers of these worms are dogs. If on time identify parasites and start treatment, then the animal will still work save. But the problem is that the symptoms of the disease are almost imperceptible, and then there is a rapid fading the beast.

No less insidious are flatworms. Often they are even called the most dangerous of the parasites. Their appearance is deadly to animal. They affect the liver, bladder, lungs of a pet and act destructively on tissues and internal organs. Length of such the worm reaches up to 15 millimeters. In the body, their larvae are most often caught by raw sea fish eaten.

By the way, people are not safe from such worms, if the diet will get low-quality cooked seafood.

Pulmonary helminths choose a habitat the lungs of an animal. The infection enters the body of the animal together with an eaten mouse or bird that previously had contact with carriers of parasites – snails or slugs. As a result the larva of the pulmonary worm appears in the intestines of the cat, then enters the bloodstream and with it gets to the lungs. Here maturation of larvae to adult worms and egg laying occurs. Then the process of spreading the parasites begins: the affected the disease cat coughs a lot and hard, sending out new mature larvae, ready to infect other animals. For the most cats the presence of such worms is fraught with numerous complications, pathology and transition to a chronic condition, which is accompanied by an ongoing cough.

Another type of worms from which tetrapods suffer called flukes. Fortunately, they do not meet so often. Dangerous to the liver and pancreas of the beast. May affect the gastrointestinal tract and heart, sometimes leading to very difficult conditions of the pet and even his death.

As for the eggs of worms, they are of microscopic size. Detect such with the naked eye is unrealistic. Often for this lacks the power of microscopes. Those that lend themselves observation – different shapes and colors. It is for these indicators Doctors also determine what kind of parasite settled inside the pet.

In some cases, worms can be detected after the animal’s trip to restroom. Usually they are white, a little less than a centimeter in length and shaped like a leaf of a tree.

How to determine if a cat has worms

The cat is coughing

A cough in a cat can be a symptom of not only worms, but also other diseases

Alas, unlike humans, domestic animals cannot talk about that and how it hurts. Determine the presence of worms in the pet will succeed only in how the behavior has changed four-legged. In some cases, the appearance of parasites expressed in cough or vomiting (and even foam), in others – in sharp behavioral changes, diarrhea, or fever. Almost always the animal prefers to lie, choosing for this some remote corner in the room.

A sharp and inexplicable change in the mood of the cat (which usually plays, purrs, runs around the apartment and eats well) should be alarming. The four-legged will have to measure temperature, which in normal condition is equal to 37.5 – 39 degrees.

You should pay attention to other features of behavior. For example, on a hiccup that suddenly appeared. Among other signs – changes in the coat of the cat (becomes faded), appearance shortness of breath or severe thirst.

An alarming sign is the active secretion of saliva. As well as sharp a change in how the beast goes to the toilet: prolonged constipation suddenly replaced by incessant diarrhea.

Sometimes at the same time they themselves come out with vital products worms. But these are already the most difficult cases when helping an animal required here and now.

Some types of worms require special research. (not only analysis of animal feces). About the presence of a heartworm will tell the indicators of the blood test. And that cat suffering from pulmonary worms, it will be possible to understand accurately not only by sweltering cough, but also due to chest x-ray cats.

A separate topic is worms in the eyes of cats. In science, such defeat is called telaziosis. It is found infrequently. Reason in In most cases, the infection is brought along with the wind. Such worms are white. Their habitat is the lacrimal ducts. The owner of the animal can make out them without even having to resort to any equipment: at times when worms begin to move along eyeball, meandering very unpleasantly.

Why are they dangerous

The cat is sick

It is important to start treatment on time so as not to start the condition animal

Worms are dangerous not only because they “drink” blood animal. But also by the fact that they cause serious harm to everything the body of a cat or cat. Often a large number of worms in the body simply does not allow the animal to empty the intestines. Are violated metabolic processes, a weakened immune system, begin allergic reactions, toxic substances are released into the body, which lead, including to the most tragic consequences – fatal outcome.

Owners of animals are interested in whether they can pick up a disease from a four-legged being in constant contact with him? Yes, that could happen. The way out (in addition to treating home favorite) – one: compliance with generally accepted standards of hygiene. Stroked pet – wash your hands.

Although it is worth noting: humans and cats do not have much in common helminths. That is, most parasites living inside tetrapods do not live in man. Or they can’t survive in it, because, getting into the human body, they end up in too hostile environment.

Several years ago, Russian researchers talked about the results of their observations of two thousand home cats. Bottom line: six hundred of them showed worms. Of these six hundred and two hundred cats were affected by parasite species that did not can be transmitted to humans and about three hundred four-legged suffered from parasites that are really dangerous for animal owners.

It is believed that the special danger of helminths in cats and cats represent children and pregnant women.


Cat at the vet

Only a veterinarian can correctly determine which worms have cats and methods of dealing with them

When similar symptoms are found and the cat’s condition changes you must consult a veterinarian and begin treatment. For solutions this problem there are various drugs and folk facilities.

Worm preparations for cats

Pills from worms for cats

If you can’t give the cat a pill, you can disguise it in favorite animal treat

The treatment should be carried out exclusively by a specialist – initiative is unacceptable. Of course on the shelves veterinary stores you can find a variety of “superfoods”, which, according to the labels, will quickly help the four-legged the patient stand on his paws. However, without the advice of a veterinarian and without diagnostics should not be taken.

Before starting treatment, you need to understand exactly with what to fight. The owner of the cat will have to collect feces of a pet, place them in a special jar for analysis and take to the veterinary clinic for research. AT the laboratory will be able to determine what type of worms interferes with living pet, which will allow you to prescribe the right medicine for treatment, and also calculate the dosage.

Alas, the parasites are very tenacious. Therefore, drugs to combat worms usually have a fairly strong effect. Important the task for the veterinarian is not to make a mistake in calculating the dose of the medicine, so as not to harm the four-legged.

Arsenal of tools in the fight against parasites today vast.

  • Pills. Most vets tend to in their favor. After all, the animal itself knows how much and what it needs. need to. Therefore, an excess of medicine will definitely come out with vomiting You can’t say the same about injections or ointments. In their case, avoid overdose is more difficult. Oral products should be given in the morning and on an empty stomach for better absorption.
  • Suspension. It is considered one of the most reliable. funds from worms. Although the reaction to the drug is often scary animal owners – the beast almost immediately begins a terrible coughing, and, not stopping, foamy saliva pouring. Bottles with the suspension is traditionally equipped with a dispenser; they have taste good for cats, which facilitates the treatment.
  • Drops. Are different depending on age of the pet. Drugs at the withers save not only from worms, but also from insects living on wool.
  • Injections. They can only be done by an owner who has medical education. Injections – in several stages. Course treatment may take up to two weeks.
  • Paste. This is a mixture of crushed tablets, which can be added to food and to cat’s treat. Opinions Specialists regarding this drug vary. Some consider it a good means of prevention, but not treatment.

Drops from worms for cats

It is important to remember that such treatment is best done on fresh air and away from flammable objects

Helping a sick beast is a painstaking process and not the most plain. The beast must be prepared for therapy and remember that that a few minutes after the pet was given the medicine, he is likely to defecate. Together with feces, they will go out and living inside the parasites. If this does not happen, you have to give the patient also has a laxative.

And another important point – after the first dose of medication come out only large worms. And the eggs laid by them will remain inside the cat. The medicine will have to be given again to get rid of the parasites, which will emerge from the eggs.

Folk remedies

Pumpkin seeds from worms

Some folk remedies for worms that people use, fit cats

Those who do not like “chemistry” hope that in the treatment of animals folk remedies will be more effective. Including those which people use in the fight against worms. And it’s very important here note: a caring owner will never try to help his cat “home” medicine, which added celandine. After all, what is good for humans is really dangerous for the animal. An overdose of celandine can be fatal for moustached.

Other medicines are much like folk means used by man. For example:

  • Pumpkin seeds. They must be crushed in powder, mix with sunflower oil or pork fat and then give the animal for five days.
  • Infusion of tansy. Dry plant flowers insist on boiling water (one hour is enough). Means needed inject into the mouth with a syringe without a needle a couple of times a day. Course Designed for a week.
  • Chamomile broth. It will also have to be given to a cat by injection. Although some animals agree to procedure and voluntarily.

Special cases

Cat with kittens

Anthelmintic newborns are prescribed no earlier than 21 days of life

The treatment of pregnant cats also has its features. Many drugs can harm the future. offspring. Veterinarians point out that the most dangerous drugs on the first stage of pregnancy, when the main organs are formed and all kitten systems. The veterinarian will be able to choose the right drug.

Newborn kittens infected in utero, medication also give very carefully. And along with kittens – and lactating cats, because through milk they can share with the kids and the dose the drug.


Vaccination against worms

It is necessary to constantly monitor the state of the animal and not forget about vaccination

The process is not limited to one treatment. Important to carry regular prophylaxis. Once every three to four months, give cats complex preparations. Usually prophylactic procedures in pets are held twice a year – in the fall and in the spring.

We need to fight with worms in cats, and do not put off this until later worth it. Also, for the good of the pet and himself, to arrange regular cleaning in the apartment, which will affect even the farthest corners of the house. It is important to clean for animal tray. After this procedure, the owner of the four-legged can not forget about washing your hands.

Well, of course, it will be useful to radically change the diet: exclude raw fish and cheese. Organize a healthy and varied diet for your favorite, in which there will be vitamins, and boiled meat, and eggs, and olive oil that is good for them (neatly added to cat’s food).

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